Wednesday, June 02, 2010

I Want Wednesday

I want these super cute shoes/sandals...they would be perfect for Florida in July and a day at the Magic Kingdom...I CANNOT do shoes AND socks in the summer. at.all. My feet would be so happy in these.
I want these super cute shoes/sandals for E, for the very same reason mentioned above. I cannot decide which color for him though?!?! I'm leaning toward the orange simply because they would be cooler (temperature wise) What do you think? Help!

And I really want this bag, also for use the entire time we travel to Florida. I've always been a fan of the cross-body shoulder bag...they are SO convenient. My school/work bag is this same brand, but the messenger style/size (in aqua sky) and I LOVE IT. Also, I found it brand new on Ebay for supa-cheap!!
Clearly, I (only) have vacation on the brain.


Travel & Dive Girl said...

I love that bag - very cute.

I say the orange sandals for E - cool on his feet and easy to spot if he's on the run from you (speaking from experience).

Levonne said...

Those are my style too. I would love to have them while I am on the road. That purse is great.

lindsay said...

nothing wrong with vacation brain!! i vote for the orange shoes for E, but i'm a clemson grad, so orange wins by default :)

Rachel said...

Its good to have vaca on the brain!! :)

Anonymous said...

Both sandals and satchel look amazing :)

I'd definitelly go with the orange ones for E...

Get shopping missus ;)