Monday, June 26, 2017

this week in my life...

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* Krispy Kreme glazed cherry pies are 1000x better than Hostess...I never thought that was possible. They are dangerously good. Consider yourself warned. :)

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*Diet Dr Pepper is not having the same delicious taste for me that is has had all these years. I think I've worn out my taste buds for it. Is that possible? Sadly though, I have no replacement.

*Ethan blew me outta the water with his easy transition to being dropped off at sleep-away camp yesterday. He yelled "See you Friday!"....I'm still shocked. But so happy that he is happy!

*Seeing that Ethan was happy yesterday helps me feel less guilty about having the week to myself (after work of course)...for now I plan to go to the YMCA to get some much needed workout time in. I think I'll browse the used book store afterwards. 

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*Thursday night my mom and I are going to the local book store to see author Mary Alice Monroe...we have really enjoyed her books over the past couple years. I love that she writes about the area of South Carolina where we travel to every year for vacation....and where we will be next week. 

*I feel really dumb when I come across a word I don't know. I guess I think at my age, I should know *every* word out there, but clearly I don't. I have been known to go along in conversations acting as if I know whatever mysterious (to me) word was said....only to go look it up later. Confession: just read the word "oenophile"....I was luck, what the heck is that?  Yeah, "lover of wine" my defense, I don't drink wine and I definitely don't love it. But I know what the word means now. 

*Did I mention I have only 3.5 days of work this week. Beyond excited. Seriously. Vacay starts at 12noon on Thursday. Cannot wait!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

SAHM for a day!

Super happy today - I've taken the day off to spend it with Ethan and pretend I still have the whole summer off. Ha!

We slept in, which is always awesome and doesn't happen nearly enough.

I have a check up for my back at 1045am so we'll head out shortly for that.

The plan is to then hang out at the pool. Of course, when I decided to take the whole day off, the weather was to be sunny and high 80s, perfect pool weather. It will still be warm today but mostly cloudy. Boo! This girl needs some color.

Strangely enough, I had a hair highlight & cut appt set up for Friday with a newish gal but she cancelled on me today. I reached back out to the other gal I've been going to and she is able to get me in today at 530pm. I definitely got lucky here because she is going on vacation in a few days. Also, I really wanted to get my  hair done before we leave on vacation on July 2. Happy that is getting done.

Why do I struggle to stay awake until 1030pm these days when I used to stay up easily until 1am? So bummed about this as I'm pretty sure the only explanation is that I'm getting old and frankly, I've heard that answer way too many times this year already. Geesh!

Contemplating signing back up at the YMCA. Really want to so I can take Spin classes and return to my Yoga classes as well. I just remember how hard it was to get there after work. There's no time in between work and getting to the YMCA to feed Ethan and everyone knows a 9yo boy is NOT going to wait until 7pm to eat dinner. Not happening. Since he will be gone to camp next week, I may sign up on Monday so I can start with 6pm spin that night. It will be amazing to not have a "curfew" all week next week and be able to do my own thing.

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Another exciting activity next week is that author Mary Alice Monroe is coming to our local indie book store for a signing. Cannot.Believe.It. Nobody who's somebody ever comes to Knoxville. Seriously! It will be girls night out with my mom!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Another Day in (not) Paradise

Hello to all one of you reading this! :)

Not much "new" to really post about.

It's summer. I'm working. I don't like it.

Did I make the right choice 1 year ago? Yes.

Is my current situation ideal? No. Far from it. 

It doesn't have to be ideal, but there's room for improvement.

Truly hating working the summer and sending Ethan to camp(s).

Hate that he has to get up early all year 'round now. We love our "no bedtime" nights!

Bright side: he's at a new camp this week and LOVING it.

I may have sent my resume to a local private school for consideration. (Please!)

Not only would I love to work in a school again, but even more would love for Ethan to be in private school. I have nothing against public school, but I will say that there was a "huge" difference in quality for Ethan this year. He needed a lot more challenge and just didn't get it. I would say it's because they have so many kids, but he had 18 in his class, same as private school. Half way thru the year they put him in the G&L program, which is a whopping 1-2 hours on Fridays. Can't say he got a lot out of that. In addition, his teacher went out on Maternity Leave and that caused a few more bumps in the road.

Surprise of the summer: Ethan asked to go to sleep away camp! What? Completely shocked, but he is signed up and will be gone from June 25-30. Now I'm hoping for no mega meltdown at drop off on the 25th. I did everything I could to ENSURE he WANTS to go and he has confidently replied "yes" every.single.time. Thankfully, he will have a friend there the same week and they will hopefully be in the same cabin. I know he will have great experiences and I'm super excited for him. 

Counting down the days to vacation...17 to go.