Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Random Update

1) I'm so unbelievably tired of hearing about Millennials...seriously, can we just STOP talking about them? I don't care how they "plan" to change the work world, or how much time off they are demanding or how much they want to work from home, blah blah know what? I'm NOT a millennial and I want time off and to work from home too. See! There! You aren't so different, you're just high maintenance and whiny! 

2) I remain in a state of "not enough time" for anything, especially reading. If reading were air, I would have suffocated over the past couple of weeks.

3) On that note, I am making slow, but steady progress on unpacking my house. I put 6 empty boxes in the garage last night. Score!

4) It's been a rough few weeks at school for Ethan, which translates to a few stressful weeks of life for me. Holy moly - this parenting thing is NOT easy. There was a situation that caused a lot of stress & heartache but that has since calmed, however now he doesn't want to go to the after care, ever. He asks daily if he can be picked up in carline or go home with a friend. Sadly, these are not daily options hence the fact that he is registered for after care. I get there as fast as I can, but 5pm/515 is not nearly fast enough. This whole dilemma makes me feel EXTREMELY guilty about my change in work situation and makes me feel like it was a mistake. I guess if one of us has to be miserable, I'd rather it be me. :( 

5) Mainly because of #4, I've been rather unhappy with life lately. There are other things that factor into it, but I'm definitely in what I would consider a "rough patch." *sigh*

6) Due to recent chaos & events in my life, I've been eating all sorts of junk. I don't want to even be within 100 feet of a scale. It will not be pretty. To add to that, my treadmill is in pieces because when we moved, it would not fit through the doorways, of either house. To make matters worse, we have to take apart even MORE of it to get it into the bonus room. Can't anything be easy? That has been my motto lately. Seriously!

7) Let's see if I can come up with a happy thought....the book I am sorta reading, "Pax" is really good. It's a YA book about a boy and a wild fox that he has as a pet. 

8) I do love my new house, but definitely wish I had more time to spend there.  I wish more than ever now that I had summers off...but then again, if I had stayed in the job that offered that, we probably would not have bought this house. Hard to say really.

9) I guess the hang up for me is that you never know what you are getting into and when leaving one bad situation in hopes for a better one, you really do not know if you are walking into a "better" one. Of the 300ish days I've been here so far, I would say that maybe 1/3rd of them have been "happy" or "enjoyable". Not a great track record, I suppose. 

10) Is it Friday yet?