Saturday, February 28, 2009

~Crayon Box Survey~

I found and swiped this from here...

RED = Anger
Are you currently mad at someone? It's a miracle folks! The answer is NO (right now).
Which of your family members has the worst temper? Me?!
Have you ever thrown something at anyone? A softball! During a game, of course. But I will admit to throwing a plastic bird feeder out of anger, but not @ anyone.
Does your face turn red when you’re angry? I don't think so.
When you’re mad, do you prefer to stare angrily or yell? Stare angrily followed by an extensive silent treatment.

ORANGE = Excitement
Has anyone ever thrown a surprise party for you? Nope. Never. Yeah, thanks!
Do you get easily excited? Not anymore.
What’s something that you’re most excited about? Not a damn thing.
If you won a million dollars, what would be your first thought? A vacation & then a new house.
If you could have anything right now, what would it be? Contentment

YELLOW = Self Discovery
Name: I've decided to not use my name on my blog. Most of you know it anyway.
Birthday: August 23
What’s your main goal in life? Happiness
Do you want to have children? Got one. I'm done.
When do you want to die? After I've lived a happy & fulfilling life and before I've become a burden to anyone.

GREEN = Opinions
Are you against gay marriage? No
Lower the drinking age? No

BLUE = Love
Do you love someone? Yes
Do you believe in love at first sight? No!

Q: How many beds did you lay in today? One.
Q:What color shirt are you wearing? Brown
Q:Name one thing that you do every day. Brush my teeth.
Q:How much cash do you have on you right now? Two dollars and some change.
Q:Look to your left. What’s there? iPod Touch & stack of journal articles on alcohol dependence waiting to be read.
Q:What’s the last piece of clothing you borrowed? Cannot recall.
Q:What website(s) do you visit most during the day? See blogroll!
Q:Do you have plants in your room? Not in my bedroom. But I do have them in the dining rooms.
Q:Does anything hurt on your body right now? No
Q:What city was your last taxicab ride in? New York
Q:Do you own a picture phone? Yes, but I never use it.
Q:Recent time you were really upset? Wednesday

PINK = Last
Person you saw: Ethan
Movie watched in cinema: Can’t even remember.
Song you just listened to? "You Found Me" by The Fray
Person you talked on the phone with: O

GREY = Today
What are you doing right now? Typing out these answers. (duh!)
What are you doing tonight? Maybe a Kroger run, otherwise the usual mom stuff.
What are you going to eat? Either Quizno's (free sub coupon) or Beef Taco Skillet (yum)

BROWN = Tomorrow
Is: Sunday
Goal: Read 43 pages of Substance Abuse course material, finish Cross Cultural Feminist Reaction paper (oh fun!) and some reading for Death & Dying.
Are you going to laugh?Doubtful!

Friday, February 27, 2009

~91? really!?!?~

~So on Monday night I got my 1st paper back - this was the one on the "cultural plunge" where I attended the LGBT church service.

~It was a reaction paper and I felt that I was VERY honest in my feelings...maybe too honest.

~I got a 91. I thought it deserved AT LEAST a 95. There was NO criticism on the paper AT ALL. The only thing she wrote was "Good Job! I enjoyed reading how you compared this to other church services you've attended"

~I have another paper due in this class on Monday so after class I asked the prof for some feedback as to why I only got a 91. (Yes, it's still an "A") I think I caught her off guard, she had NO negative things to say and in my opinion could not justify why she gave me that grade.

~Did I mention that my prof is a lesbian? I think my honesty worked against me.

~Just sayin!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

~thoughts & observations~

~thought: today is Ash Wednesday and as a Catholic (obviously not a very good one) I am supossed to come up with something that I will give up for the next 6 weeks, until Easter Sunday. I'm not even going to attempt sweets or chocolate as I seem to already have a problem staying away from them.

~observation: apparently the 'in' thing to have on university campuses is one of these - A North Face Denali jacket. I'm not so sure what the big deal is. It's just a fleece jacket. A VERY OVERPRICED fleece jacket. And it also seems that black is the preferred color. I am not exaggerating when I say that one in three students is wearing this jacket, girls & guys.

~thought: I rarely drink, so rarely that I cannot remember the last time I've consumed an alcoholic beverage. BUT over the past couple weeks I've been thinking a lot about having a Margarita. I'm not sure if I can have one if I'm still nursing...does anyone know? I'm too lazy to look it up...or maybe I'll look it up while I'm on line. Sadly, I feel like I could really use a drink (or four).

~observation: how did so many strange characters get into the Top 12 on American Idol? What's up with that? Tonight is my 1st night watching and I see I haven't missed anything worthwhile.

~thought: just remembered dad is coming to town tomorrow and he said he's taking us to Red Lobster for dinner. Margarita!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UPDATE: looks like I will remain alcohol-free until I wean the little guy...majority of info out there says to avoid alcohol altogether while nursing and if not, then they say to 'pump & dump' and well, I'm really OVER the breast pump, so I'll go w/o alcohol instead.

Monday, February 23, 2009

~getting comfortable~

~I'm finally feeling really comfortable in my 'job'... I feel funny even calling it a job as it's the absolutely least stressful 'job' I've ever had. I guess though that it technically IS a job since I am getting paid. I (obviously) have ample internet time, which I have been enjoying of course. The economy has its ripple effects and they are felt here as well, we have less student appointments and so I have a couple projects that I'll be starting on. I really enjoy only working 20 hours a week too - how nice. That won't be a luxury I enjoy permanently.

~Anyway, I was pretty nervous when I had my first few student appointments. I didn't think I'd be helpful to them or maybe not have the answers they need or just plain sound stupid etc. Last week I did 2-3 mock interviews and provided critiques on them, a few resume critiques as well and my most 'difficult' appointment so far was last Wednesday...but I made it through. It was only difficult because the student was limiting his options. I'm feeling a lot better about the appointments now. The nerves are at bay. Yay!

~I have 3 mock interviews this week and so far two other student appointments. The student appointments are typically resume critiques and/or job search help.

~Off to class now.

~Oh yeah...and I've started (AGAIN) my diet attempts to lose the baby weight. I miss my pre-baby clothes and that is a big motivator. I also downloaded a great little application for my iTouch to track WW points & Activity. Wish me luck though - I desperately need it.

~And the plan is for Wednesday to be 'family night' @ the gym. All 3 of us are going this week. O is determined to start running in prep for Boot Camp. I need to run to prep for fitting into my clothes. Here's hoping that Ethan has a fantastic time @ the gym childcare. I'm going to have O drop him off there so hopefully he won't have a major separation anxiety attack.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

~productive day~

Completed by 12pm
~ran 1.10 mile
~60 crunches
~arm weights
~3 diaper changes
~fed breakfast to little guy
~2 loads laundry
~1 dishwasher load
~vacuumed 2 rooms
~showered & dressed
~dressed the little guy
~played countless games of BrainThaw on my iTouch

Still Yet To Do
~1 trip to SuperTarget to prevent having to go to Kroger, Walmart AND Target. Yay!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

~being fat sucks~

~So yeah, I've been overweight/fat for as long as I can remember. Not fun.

~I'm @ the point of complete frustration these days. I really thought getting into a routine with being @ school/work, even if only 3 days of the week-would help my never ending battle of the bulge. So far, my hypothesis has been proven COMPLETELY false. No significant changes in weight AT ALL. I am thinking that I need a complete miracle @ this point to shed this remaining 17 lbs of baby weight.

~I've been terrible @ drinking the 'required' 4 bottles of water per day. It's amazing if I get in 2 bottles.

~As far as working out, if I'm lucky I am able to run 3 days/week - which are Thurs, Fri & Sat. While I would LOVE to run 2-3 miles, there are currently 2 obstacles preventing me from doing so. (1) I have not physically worked up to that distance, although I could do it via walk/run combo and (2) E absolutely, positively, without-a-doubt, despises being in the pack-n-play which ultimately makes it nearly impossible for me to run more than .5 mile. I just cannot continue to listen to him fussing any longer than that and I start to feel terribly guilty. Of course, running only .5 mile three times per week is not very helpful in my efforts to shed 17 lbs.

~Yes, I could go to the gym, but the issue there is that E has major separation anxiety and while I have a hard enough time leaving the house Mon-Wed mornings with the babysitter that he is finally used to (but still cries sometimes), there is no way I'm leaving him with the childcare workers @ the gym. I just don't think there's as much tolerance for a screaming 1 yr old @ the gym daycare center.

~And then there's the plain and simple fact that I just cannot seem to stop eating crap. Complete & utter crap. I don't know what's wrong with me. For the longest time, I could not remember even purchasing a candy it's sort of like I can't remember the last time I DIDN'T buy a candy bar. Yep, today I had a Hershey's plain chocolate bar and it was delicious. Had one yesterday too. Chocolate is my Kryptonite lately. In contrast, I generally pack a pretty healthy lunch: yogurt, fruit cup & a turkey sandwich or a Smart Ones frozen meal. Then I get home and things spiral out of control...dinner varies between a completely unhealthy Mexican meal which includes refried beans & too many tortillas or other random junk like canned Chunky Clam Chowder soup (although it was the healthy request version). Dinner is usually followed up with either a bowl of cereal or milk & cookies.

~I was NEVER like this - with the sweets late @ night. No, I'm not pregnant! I am usually not even hungry so I'm not so sure why I'm even eating this junk.

~Oh yeah and whatever happened to that whole "breastfeeding helps you get off the baby weight (really fast)"...heck I should weigh 110 by now then. My goal was to nurse E for 6 months and now we're approaching 13 months. On a side note, the main reason I have not weaned him is because O cannot stand the sound of E crying and well, the weaning process is going to involve some crying because this child normally falls asleep with a boob in his mouth. So basically I do not have any support from O to wean and ultimately I don't want to deal with the stress of weaning E as well as arguing with O. It's just too draining.

~In O's defense (who cares, right?), the whole 'can't stand E crying' is more that it upsets O that E is unhappy. It's not that he can't stand the noise of the crying. So, it looks like the weaning may not occur until August, when O leaves for 19 wks...oh joyful lucky me, another 6 months of nursing. I really want my old boobs back. Maybe I'm the only woman on earth who wants smaller boobs, but I have a drawer full of bras that I am determined to fit back into. They are just too damn expensive to go out and buy a bunch of new ones.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


~Wednesdays. I love them. Why? Because they are like Fridays for me. My last day of work/school for the week & I get out at 4pm - even better.

~I was really draggin' this morning, but thankfully I managed to pull it together and make it through the day. I've been doing some Mock Interviews with Undergraduate Social Work students as part of their Senior Seminar class. I've also been meeting with students on resume critiques and job searching.

~Today we had one of the university Economists come over to give a talk on the State of Education & Economy in about depressing. Folks - he's done a lot of forecasting in his career and he kept saying things will still get worse before they get better. SCARY. It was a very interesting presentation though.

~I want to shout out to my blogging friend, Amy to congratulate her on the arrival of her twin girls. I cannot link to her blog because it's private.

~I've been wasting spending time reading a lot of new blogs that I've been finding over the past week or so. Probably not the most effective use of my time, but quite enjoyable.

~Well, it's almost time to head outta here. Ciao!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

~100 things~

Whew...I finally did it. The infamous "100 things" post that nearly every blogger seems to have. It was a lot harder than I thought to come up with 100 unique facts about little 'ol boring me...I really tried to include things that my long time blog readers don't know. Enjoy!

1. I'm crazy about being organized.
2. I have never broken a bone.
3. I love to bake.
4. I should have gone to school to be a pastry chef.
5. I cracked my head open & needed stitches when I was 7.
6. My Bachelors degree is in Psychology. I minored in Sociology.
7. I have had 3 knee surgeries.
8. I love going to Major League baseball games.
9. I don't like being stuck on freeway bridges because they 'shake'.
10. I absolutely love caramel.
11. I've played softball for 30 yrs, but only hit 1 outside-the-park home run.
12. My grandma was @ the game when I hit the home run. That makes it even more special.
13. This is my favorite number.
14. I do not like coffee, at all.
15. I love road trips, with the right person.
16. I'm 5'4", but wish I was at least 5'7".
17. I have read all 7 Harry Potter books & am sad that there are no more.
18. I often wish I had a bigger family.
19. I love, love, love, love NYC.
20. It's pretty much a guarantee that I'll puke if I get drunk. I don't drink anymore.
21. Sometimes I don't think I am cut out for marriage.
22. I had a lot of questions during 6th grade sex education class.
23. I am completely addicted to email & the internet.
24. I long for the day I leave for my Australian vacation.
25. I've battled weight issues for as long as I can remember.
26. I always thought I'd be more than I am.
27. There are a lot of things I miss about Michigan, but winter is not one of them.
28. I know how to be alone comfortably.
29. I worry too much about what people think of me.
30. I frequently think about my first boyfriend & wonder how he is doing.
31. I love roller coasters, the higher & faster - the better.
32. I've found that giving a 2-week notice is often more painful than just up & quitting a job.
33. I planned to nurse my son for 6 months & ended up nursing him 'til he was 17 months!!
34. I've never had a roommate.
35. I dated the same guy for 10 years, yet did not marry him.
36. I do not like my handwriting.
37. I wish I had worked as a Camp Counselor during a Summer.
38. I would wear sneakers everyday if I could.
39. It drives me absolutely NUTS when people don't use their turn signals.
40. My favorite color is royal blue.
41. I am an only child.
42. I was often confused for a boy when I was younger, I was a tomboy, what can I say?!?
43. Sometimes I think I disclose too much about me & my life, need to work on that.
44. I wish I had more close girlfriends.
45. I would re-do all of high school if I had the chance.
46. The first concert I went to was REO Speedwagon.
47. I would like to learn to snowboard.
48. I cannot stand Oprah.
49. I would do things alot differently if I could.
50. I am not very patient.
51. I regret getting the one tattoo I have, even though it's not terribly visible.
52. I was MVP of my high school softball team during my senior year.
53. I love taking pictures.
54. I miss staying up late.
55. I have contemplated going to massage school many times. I probably never will.
56. I sometimes think I'd like to train to run a marathon, but deep down, I don't think I'll ever get there.
57. I love crunchy peanut butter.
58. I am not a fan of cold weather, at all.
59. My parents 'thought' I was going to be a boy when I was born, so my mom came up with my name 'on short notice'
60. My name would have been "Frank" if I were a boy. Blech!
61. I don't understand why people set their clocks/watches fast 5-10 minutes.
62. I over-analyze just about everything.
63. I wish I would have gone on to Graduate School immediately after finishing my Bachelor's degree.
64. I have a scar on my left eye from where I took a dive into my grandma's bed frame when I was 5-6 years old.
65. I often wish I knew how to play the piano.
66. I cry a whole lot easier since having E, than I did pre-baby.
67. I am a Virgo.
68. I have little to no communication with my biological father.
69. I have the world's best (step) father.
70. I should have joined my high school swim team, but didn't want to get up early for practices during the summer. Lazy, I know.
71. I always thought/hoped I'd be more important than I am.
72. Wet locker room floors really creep me out. I would say it's a phobia.
73. My favorite job was washing dogs @ a dog grooming shop.
74. I played the clarinet in 5th & 6th grade, but quit in 7th grade when the girl I had to share my music stand with was mean to me.
75. I'm not a fan of confrontation (see #74).
76. I wish Sex & The City would last forever.
77. I love Captain Crunch cereal, but rarely eat it.
78. I love smoke-free restaurants, cities, you name it, if it's smoke-free, I love it.
79. I don't like guns, or hunting or any activities that harm animals. I don't care if it's "to control the population"
80. I'm right-handed.
81. I am constantly putting on hand lotion.
82. I love rainy nights. Days too, if I don't have to go anywhere.
83. I love making lists (obviously). If I don't, I'll forget.
84. I've lived in every time zone but the Pacific.
85. I love black olives.
86. I do not like scary!
87. My first car was a white Ford Tempo.
88. I get nervous speaking in public.
89. Chick Fila is my favorite fast food restaurant.
90. I sleep with socks on 3/4 of the year.
91. Misspelled signs, menus or any other misspellings, drive me crazy.
92. I hold grudges or stay angry for a while, however you want to word it.
93. I am a skeptic.
94. I get bored easily.
95. I just started keeping a diary/journal.
96. In 2006, in NYC I met & had my picture taken with the delicious Mark Ruffalo.
97. I love & miss Chicago.
98. I curse too much.
99. I love tanning beds, but haven't used one for quite a few years.
100. I could spend countless hours @ Barnes & Noble or Borders.

Monday, February 16, 2009

~20 Questions~

Another list of 20 Questions, swiped from Dawn's blog...

1. What’s something in your life that’s pretty much been used up and needs replacing?

my mind.

2. What is older than you?
the computer that I'm using @ work.

3. Where do you belong?
I really have no idea.

4. Who is no longer a stranger to you?

5. What's your favorite accent?
I enjoy the New York accent.

6. Do you like apples?
yes, especially the Granny Smith variety.

7. Do you play baseball?
no, but I play(ed) softball, for 30 years.

8. Do you enjoy starting drama?
no! I most certainly do not. it occasionally finds me, but I do not start it.

9. Can you run fast?
no, not fast. not far either, but I try.

10. Do you believe in magic?
no. none. not lately.

11. What was the first conscious thought you had this morning?
oh crap! it's Monday. back to work/school.

12. When you get online, what do you do first?
check email.

13. What is the slowest realization you've ever come to?
that I am a poor decision maker. that I trust(ed) people too easily. (but not anymore!)

14. What name would you want to have if you were the opposite sex?
I've always liked the name Jake.

15. What is a song that you love to hate?
I pretty much hate all rap music, so take your pick.

16. What's in your pockets?

17. Who can you talk with for hours?
my friend, Ruth. we both married men with kids from a previous marriage. it provides for a wealth of topics for constant conversation. and we talk about other stuff too.

18. What sounds great today?
sleeping all day would be good. too bad it's not going to happen.

19. What is the best example of "perfection" that you can think of?
oh crap, I have no idea...well, I do, I started to type out a couple things, but in the end, well, I don't know if they are truly perfection. How about a nice sunny day @ the beach with my little guy...that would be nice.

20. Do good things come to those who wait?
I wish I could honestly say that they do, but I have yet to see it or experience it for myself.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


~whew, today was a whirlwind of a day. oh, it is Valentine's day...hadn't noticed, or should I say, hadn't cared! LOL!

~E and I ran about three bazillion errands and let me inform you that that many errands take a really, really, really, long time with a one year old in tow.

~first stop: photo shop to drop off pics to be spray-mounted (long story why-I'll spare you)

~second stop: lunch @ McAllister's with mom/grandma. Chicken Fiesta Wrap...yum!!

~third stop: mall. to get Stride Rite shoes for E. Ended up leaving with (in addition to E's shoes) desperately needed trench coat for work as well as a new blouse (both from Eddie Bauer). This is what happens when you work from home for 3+ yrs and then all of a sudden realize you have NO work clothes. Yep. Sucks. Drooled over a pair of shoes @ Dilliards too...currently contemplating their purchase. I really DO need them...I'm serious here. I've been wearing the same 2 pair of shoes to work now for past 5-6 weeks. One pair is black, the other brown. I think I need some variety.

~fourth stop: back to photo shop to pic up spray mounted pics. Yay! They are ready for framing now.

~fifth stop: home. E was too tired to head straight to Wally World for groceries.

~sixth stop: after recharging, we were back out the door to Best Buy, where, yes, I did buy the point & shoot camera, despite all the opposing input. I've already listed my old camera on Amazon and when it sells, it'll cover 1/2 the cost of the new one. Yay! Oh and I think when I said my tax refund was 'around the corner', I really meant, this Friday.

~seventh stop: Walmart. Ugh.

~eighth stop: Home. Thank goodness. I'm exhausted AND my legs hurt.

~ninth stop: bed. goodnight.

Friday, February 13, 2009


~Ah, reminiscing about how peaceful the last 2 days/nights were.

~Looks like I'll get one more day/night come Monday. :)

~camera dilemma~

I need your input on this big, huge, major, very important dilemma I am having...

~if you've been around here awhile, you know I'm aching to get a new camera, specifically the Canon Rebel 12 mp.

~I currently have the Kodak Z740 point & shoot (5mp).

~My tax refund is around the corner...and hopefully so is the lawsuit settlement (but we won't plan on that too much)

~Anyway, on Sunday @ E's bday party the battery died in the Kodak. I don't want to buy new batteries $15.00 since I plan to sell this camera on Amazon when I get the Canon.

~I still want a Point & Shoot - but much smaller & compact than this one, so I can carry it in my purse. I have lost out on many shots in the past not having my camera w/me.

~OK - dilema is I not replace the batteries & just sell the camera and then trek over to Best Buy (or similar) today/tomorrow to pick out a small point & shoot until more funding arrives OR do I just suck it up and buy the batteries and use it 'til I can get the Canon and then @ that time, buy both cameras?

~See, I told you it was a big, huge, major, very important dilemma!! :)

Thursday, February 12, 2009


~Thursday, one of my two favorite days of the 'work week'...why, because I don't work and get to be @ home with E.

~Not a great day for E though...we had his 1 year check today and that came with three not-so-lovely vaccines. He cried worse this time then @ his 6-month visit. Poor baby.

~Before E's doc visit, we ventured to Kohl's for a return and to AC Moore to get glass in a picture frame that recently broke. I discovered that although AC Moore has a frame shop, they don't cut glass there and it would take 3 wks to receive it via order. Oh and it is not a very big frame and the glass would have cost $20! WTH? Guess who's going to Michael's tomorrow? They DO cut glass there.

~Other than that, it's been a pretty good day. I should probably get started on my Substance Abuse paper tomorrow...I decided on the topic of "Alcohol & Cravings" instead of the Cocaine Snorting Moms...for many here we go.

~Oh and I really wish this annoying cough would go away. It's been 1 week now. No cold symptoms though.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


~it seems that today's "20-somethings" sure are having a whole lot more fun than I recall do I know this? Work is slow today, I've spent almost the entire day blog-surfing.

~I have always wanted to put together one of those "100 things" lists...I finally started it today. I have about 30 items so far...quite a way to go yet. Maybe it'll be done by June.

~I've noticed that ALOT of bloggers are photographers...interesting. I don't really see the connection, but it's all good.

~I hate being my age and in school. Thankfully I'm not the oldest in my classes, but I'm nowhere near the youngest and that bums me out sometimes.

~I get off work @ 4pm on Wednesdays. Yay! I have about 346284798 errands to run before going home. Well, maybe not that many. :)

~It's just me and the little man tonight, Thur & Fri. I'll be very fluent in baby-speak come Friday evening.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


~Let's see how long this lasts.
~My blog is no longer private.
~I am moderating comments however.
~I am {cautiously} throwing myself (or my blog) to the sharks.

~In other news, lawsuit progress.
~We are talking numbers now.
~I'm getting excited, yet remain reserved as I know how these things go.
~Crossing fingers.

~Wish me luck, I have a test tonight.

~total randomness~

~Back in October I changed providers on cable/phone/internet from Knology, a local company, to AT&T. So far, I'm quite happy with AT&T. I made the change for 2 reasons: (1) cost & (2) constantly calling Knology for tech support (internet down), it got old.

~Anyway, I was due a credit of a whopping $3.81 - not alot, but in my (poor) eyes, I needed it a lot more than they do. Heck, it'll buy a couple Diet Dr. Peppers from ChickFila or a Tall Iced Chai Latte, etc. You get the point.

~I had to call Knology 5-6 times (I lost count) to ask where my credit was. I was repeatedly told the check had been mailed and other ridiculous things that I believe the person on the other end of the phone was completely making up. Funny thing is, I always received my bill, so why had this check not made it to my house? Coincidence? I think not.

~I realize the economy is bad and all, but really, over $3.81 is it worth putting up such a fight. Just mail me my darn check. I must say that if I were employed, I likely would have given up after the 2nd call. I assume that is what they think most people will do. A-holes!

~Needless to say, I'm NOT a fan of Knology and they exist in other states, FL for one, so steer clear if they are in your town.

Monday, February 09, 2009

~yummy new blog!~

~Yay for my new blog layout, just like McDonald's, I am lovin' it. I may change the pic @ top but I'll have to find one will likely still be NY.

~Thank you to Dawn, for her very much appreciated assistance with some final blog details.

~I also came up with a new blog name...there are many meanings behind it. It doesn't necessarily represent that I'll someday get to NY, but represents also reaching goals I have set for myself...Masters Degree, Happiness, Travel, Job, etc. I like it. Hopefully it helps me to be patient with this process.

~I am loving having 3 columns...can do so much more with the blog. More fun!! This blog makeover has also increased my desire to blog, so hopefully I can come up with some creative stuff to write about.

~Looks like I'll be single-momming it Wed -Fri (maybe 'til Saturday) this week as O will be going out of town for work. Things have been smooth the last few days, but it's probably just another calm before the storm...unfortunately.

~Actually, this calm may last a tad bit longer as he is getting his tax refund on Friday and frankly, he's a happier person when he has more money. He is looking forward to paying off a bill that has been a thorn in his side. I am happy that it will free up about $250 every month. Yay since we are basically turning around and paying out $320/month to the ultimately we aren't getting ahead...but no surprise there.

~I get my tax refund on 2.20 so I'll be excited about that. I'll be paying off my car and am soooooooo excited about that. If all this job junk hadn't gone down, I would have had it paid off last July! Argh!!

~Still no news back from the lawyer. I called last week. It had been 10 days since he told me MP wanted to settle. His secretary said "Mr. Butthead Lawyer said he's working on it and he'll call you when he has some information" seemed like a fairly rude reply to me. I guess I won't call anymore...and I hadn't called them for quite a while prior so they should just get their underwear out of bunches.

~Ok, well, I'm off to bed. I have a test in my Death & Dying class tomorrow night. Wish me luck!

~giving up~

*edited* I'm back @ it, with some enlisted help...hopefully I'll have a nice new fresh blog!

Well, I had great ambitious plans to re-vamp my blog, a whole new template and everything, but turns out it's just too *&^% complicated.

It's been sort of a hit to my pride too as I consider myself an 'advanced computer-user' but it seems there is no way to install the new template and keep all my widgets w/o having to REDO all of them. Sure I pulled up their instructions, followed them carefully, two or three times even, but to no avail.

So I guess I won't be getting a new template (and blog title) until I have copius amounts of free time to REDO all those widgets.

Darn, cuz I really want a 3 column blog.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

~So Far Away~

Boot Camp Departure: August 18th!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is SOOO far away....and that's if it doesn't change again.

Lovely! I'll probably have pulled all my hair out by then.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

~20 more questions~

1. Peanut butter and jelly or a grilled cheese sandwich?
right now I could go for a PB&J...can't take them to work though because they would be all soggy and gross by lunch time...maybe Thursday I'll have one.

2. Do you like pickles?
they're "ok" - I'm not crazy about them, but I don't dislike them.

3. Why do you think red symbolizes passion? What do you think of when you see the color red? Do you own very many red articles of clothing?
red symbolizes passion? I didn't know that! I thought it symbolized least for me it does. I have a couple of red sweaters, but that is about it.

4. What color is your underwear?
white - 95% of my underwear is white. I have to 'match' like that...

5. What's on your mind right now?
wondering just how bad the roads will be @ 9pm tonight when I get out of class. It's going down to 18 and it's 36 & sunny right now which means the snow will melt throughout the day...yep, and then it turns to ice - lucky me.

6. Do you bite your nails?
sometimes and I've noticed that when I'm @ the movie theatre I have more of a tendency to do that.

7. You're stranded on a desert island with one fictional character. Who is it?
BIG from Sex & The City. Oh yum!!

8. Do you daydream?
i sure do. about all kinds of things.

9. How do you like your eggs?
scrambled preferred. over-easy on a tostada w/salsa AKA "huevos rancheros". Cadbury Caramel Eggs too...which should be arriving in stores SOON!!!

10. Where did you go for kindergarten?
I have NO idea. Maybe Jefferson Elementary School in Redford, MI, but I'm not entirely certain.

11. Do you like snow?
Not if I have to go anywhere

12. Do you like blue cheese?
it is my 1st choice for salad dressing.

13. Do you get nervous before doctor appointments?
no, but I certainly don't look forward to them either.

14. What do you prefer to drink in the morning?
I usually end up with pop of some kind and try to squeeze some water in there too. no coffee for me though. Ick!

15. Can you do push ups?
probably not too many. Pre-baby I was up to doing 13 w/o stopping, but on my knees, not my toes.

16. Do you own slippers?
Yes!! Two pairs in fact. One that I refuse to throw out despite them completely falling apart. The other pair sheds terribly and just aren't as comfy. I'll probably throw them out first.

17. Favorite color?
royal blue

18. Would you be a pirate?
sure, if I could travel the seas with Jimmy Buffett.

19. What's in your pocket right now?
$2.62 - the change from when I bought a pop earlier.

20. What were you doing 12 AM last night?

Sunday, February 01, 2009

~20 Questions~

1. World Cup final, Olympic Games, Superbowl, World Series, NBA finals, Stanley Cup... which one would you like to attend?
Olympic Games!

2. If you had boy/girl twins today, what would you name them?
Riley Alexis & Jacob Matthew

3. 5 Biggest Purchases of 2008:
computer, diapers, diapers, diapers & diapers

4. What 3 words do you think of when I say Italy?
fun. beautiful. food.

5. How fond of vegetables are you? Which ones are your favorite?
Blech...not very fond of veggies.

6. If I were a character on "Friends" I'd be:
Monica, but I'm still FAT.

7. 5 of your pet peeves.
not using turn signals. blogger doing it's own formatting thing. repeating myself because I was ignored the 1st time. people not returning phone calls. telemarketing calls.

8. What was the last thing you regret buying?
haven't really bought much lately that would constitute feeling regretful over.

9. What three things come to your mind when I say the word “Fresh”? prince (LOL), produce, fish.

10. Cheers, Mash, or Seinfeld? Cheers.

11. I should be:
working on paper #3.

12. What is something that you really should get rid of, but haven’t:A few baby items that won't be re-used...I've listed them on Craigslist, but haven't gotten any bites.

13. Do you think that a person can really change?
my personal experience leads me to say NO, (a leopard doesn't change his spots) but I know that may not be the case for everyone.

14. In your opinion, what is the best tv show that isn’t on the air anymore?
Sex & The City

15. Is it easier to forgive or forget?
they are both pretty difficult, but forgiving is a bit easier than forgetting, at least you have more control over it, it's hard to just tell your memory to forget a certain thing.

16. What do you order when you eat Chinese food?
Ick...not much of a Chinese food fan, but I usually end up with Sweet & Sour Chicken.

17. Is your blog a dirty little secret, or do you tell everyone you meet about it? well, it's private and of the 20 or so people 'approved' to read it, maybe 5 actually do and then only 2-3 leave comments.

18. Your personal candy heart would say: love stinks!

19. You're having a bowl of soup. Your choice.
Clam Chowder or Tomato

20. What can’t you miss?
I don't think there is anything I can fill in here, with DVR, it doesn't matter if I miss a TV show anymore...