Sunday, March 18, 2012

Tagged? What is that?

It's been so long since I've been "tagged" in a blog post, or heck, even read a post that tagged people, I'd almost forgotten what it was...but then all of a sudden my lovely friend, Dawn tagged here goes!!

1. You have been awarded the time off from work and an all-expenses paid week anywhere in the United States. The catch is that it must be somewhere you have not been before. Where do you choose to visit?
Seattle...hands down. There's just something about it that draws me there...and then there's Pike Market with the original Starbucks and all that. I'd also make a point to take in a Seattle Mariners game as well so I could check that ballpark off my list of MLB parks visited. :)

2. Name three of your guilty pleasures.
Starbucks Iced Chai. Diet Dr. Pepper from ChickFila. Chocolate.

3. The best kind of Girl Scout Cookie is:
Thin Mints. Mmmm.

4. What do you value most in other people?

5. Be honest. Do you sneak some raw cookie dough when you're baking cookies?
You mean, there are some people who DON'T eat it? Wow!

6. Have you ever looked back at your life and realized that something you thought was a bad thing was actually a blessing in disguise?
Not off the top of my head...sadly, I have the reverse thought, that I made decisions that ended in disaster and should have opted for a different choice at the time.

7. What is the most beautiful place you've ever visited?
Wrigley Field.

8. Are you more of a thinker or a feeler?
I think I'm a good split between the two.

9. Name three things you are thankful for right now.
Ethan. Alone Time. My love for reading.

10. Have you ever participated in a three-legged race?
Yes. Many many many years ago. I don't know how it ended, but I'm sure we didn't win.

11. When you are at an event that plays the National Anthem, do you place your hand over your heart?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Project Life 2012 - Weeks 6-8

Week 6: part 1: Ethan turns 4!!!

Week 6: part 2 - it was also National School Counseling Week so it was a busy busy week!

Week 7: part 1 -  a rather routine week.
Week 7: part 2-I'm really loving my fitbit, some tweets & the fantastic cropped pants I found at Target for under my running shorts.
Week 8 - Let's go to Disneyworld!!

Week 8: part 2 - the pic of me and E is in a 6x12 sleeve.

Week 8: part 3 - the other side of the 6x12 piece holds our park tickets and Ethan had his dentist appointment earlier in the week so I snapped a pic of him on the "table" watching the ceiling television. :)

Spring Forward!!

I've never really been bothered by the time change fact, it's kind of irritating to me to hear all the complaints around school about it this year. I do love the extra daylight after work, but honestly, it also messes with our bedtime routine...I'm just not ready to get the process started when it's still light outside. 

For the first time in my life, I must say that the time change has had a negative influence on our lives this week...E has woken up BEYOND GRUMPY every.single.morning. so far. Today I had to bribe him w/a trip to Dunkin Donuts if he would quit the crabbiness and get his fanny into the bathroom so we could brush teeth & hair. Of course, we've also been "late" to work every day as well, but it's sorta flexible so it's not a huge issue really, but still, I don't like it. Yesterday we got stuck by the school bus trying to exit the neighborhood. Today we got stuck in the congestion of train traffic. Oh my, it is always something this week.

I'm just looking forward to 3:30pm today - leaving school, possibly a quick stop at Target for a couple things I need and then we are going straight home to simply enjoy the rest of the day. It's my rest day/afternoon and I love it. 

Tomorrow morning will be a challenge as we need to be up and out of the house on time as I will be seeing a Sports Medicine doc for my left foot which has decided to cop an attitude since the WDW Princess 1/2. Oh and did I mention that I am running another half in 2.5 weeks? Yeah...great huh? I refuse to NOT participate...they are not cheap to enter AND I am not a quitter. I'll heal completely afterwards...with no other races on the calendar.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Disney Overload Ticker

All things Disney lately...that is my brain. As much fun as it is, I'd like to STOP thinking about it for a know especially since the trip is still almost 3 months away.

This trip will be at a much slower pace than the last trip (no 1/2 marathon) and a few more days to spend there. Woohoo!! E and I are going down w/my dad and staying at the timeshare, which is always an awesome place to be. They're are 5 pools and a lazy river - new since we were there 2 years ago...E & I are going to have a blast in the lazy river!! Can't wait!! 

I'm contemplating making a trip over to the new Legoland as well...but am on the fence's about a 45 minute drive from where we'll be. I did find a way to get a free child's ticket, so that's a bonus...decisions, decisions.

As far as Disney parks, not sure what we'll do there yet...probably only one day since we were just there. I do have some old Universal tickets that I am really hoping are still valid -they were complimentary - and so if they are, we'll definitely head over there for a day as well.

I'm so vacation-minded these's making work a big drag...not to mention that work has been full of drama lately and I'm really over that. I strongly prefer a drama-free life and sadly, at work that has not been happening. Ugh.