Thursday, September 27, 2012


In Ali Edwards last newsletter, she invited everyone to play along with a "currently" post here's mine.

thinking: about all the crafting I want to do and all the books I want to read. not enough time.

dreaming: of having a super successful little Etsy shop someday (soon).

listening/hearing: Cars 2 movie playing in the background.

watching: Ethan grow up way too fast right before my eyes.

loving: the mornings I get to sleep in (not often enough).

feeling: frustrated with my vehicle. back to the shop this week. 3rd time.

counting: the days until Christmas break. (is it too early for that?) 56 school days BTW.

smelling: fresh air coming through the windows. fabulous!

wanting: a mac desktop. badly. so tired of working on a 13" laptop.

believing: better things are to come. right?

making: ha! what am I NOT making. Way too many projects going on here, but I seriously cannot help myself...I'm still working on Project Life, I'm in the middle of Shimelle's Learn Something New Every Day, then I took advantage of Ali's sale on 31 Things (love that class!!) and I still need to finish 5 lists from my May 2012 "30 lists" class. Oh it is so very out of control. Whoops!!

planning: to go to a weekend long crop in November with some girlfriends. I am crazy excited but also feeling a teensy bit of anxiety as it will be my VERY FIRST weekend away from Ethan as well as O's VERY FIRST weekend of just him and Ethan. I wonder how many phone calls I will get. 

living: a little bit more healthy. I quit stopping at CFA for diet dr peppers every morning. Instead I'm consuming at least 64oz of H2O. dropping a few pounds here and there. starting to run a little bit again. at least this is ONE problem I can fix. :)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

me & e

Just a few recent pics of E and me.
First day of school---these are our "fake" smiles!

One random day after school - so happy to be "free"

On my birthday!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Funny

This still makes me laugh...more than 2 years later. :)


Have a good weekend!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Project Life - Weeks 28-30

Making bird feeders - one of our items from our Summer Bucket List!

Ethan finished his library reading (listening) challenge - 30 books - and got his completion certificate.

Art Camp & serious Lego play this week!

Splash pad fun with friends!

Silly hats. Pool fun with friends. More ChickFila Kids Nights.

Working with papa.
We made Bean Bag balls--another item on our Summer Bucket List.
Dollywood Splash Country with grandma...sooo much fun!!
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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Project Life - Weeks 25-27

Baking Day-we made Butterbeer cupcakes with grandma
some thick & delicious chocolate chip cookies!!
Enjoying summer. Documenting our Summer routine. Love.

One of our favorite weeks...Home Depot Kids Night @ ChickFila.
Swimming playdate. Barnes & Noble. Movie with friends. 


The end of my first album...reached capacity.

Intro page on Album #2.
To the beach for the 4th!!!

So much fun on vacation!!
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Sunday, September 09, 2012

Project Life - Weeks 22-23

Some of my absolute favorite pages these weeks...primarily due to the Disney trip. I am still absolutely amazed how GREAT Ethan was on our looooooong day at WDW. We opened the park bright and early at 9am and initially I had planned to head back to our room for a mid-day rest and then go back. I quickly scratched that--too much fun to be had--so changed my plan to leaving the park by 8pm. As we made our way to the front of the park it was around 8:15pm and we had decided to visit Mickey one last time (up front inside a building I cannot remember the name of) we came out from seeing Mickey, Ethan asked why so many people were sitting on the curbs...I thought for a second and told him they were waiting for the Electrical Street Parade...he so sweetly asked "can we stay, mom?" and before I completely melted at his sweetness, I said "yes"...we got a great little spot on the curb and waited patiently for the parade. It was truly magical. This boy did not fuss all day long...even when we got rained on multiple times...I am still so proud of how he behaved that day and I hold on to such sweet memories of an absolutely fantastic day. BTW...once we got on the bus headed to our resort, he was asleep in under 3 minutes!!

One of my "all-time" favorite PL pages!!

Breakfast at the Polynesian...we loved it!

I was determined not to forget a single moment of this trip and journaled while we were there...
I ended up with 5 pages 6x12 size!!

So much to say!!

We really enjoyed checking out the new Art of Animation resort...beautiful & looks sooo fun!!

Our fantastic day together at MK--had to add an insert to include Woody & Jessie in there!!
So many good pics that day!!

Oh how we loved Merida!!
And I'm in love with that pic of me and E taken (by me) while we waited in line for Goofy's Barnstormer.
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Saturday, September 08, 2012

Project Life - Weeks 18-21

True PL action here...just your average day-to-day pictures!!

WeeBall team pictures...and our "receipt" from cashing in our coins for our DISNEY fund.


Thomas the Train!!  And my very first (not-so-fun) cast.

So much fun on the train ride with grandma!

This conversation made me laugh.ALOT. This kid cracks me up!!

More words. Less pictures.

One of my favorite pictures of me & E so far this year!!

Had to include his "report card" and 1st & last day of school (reverse side) pictures.
Our 2nd visit to the ER...thankfully nothing major!!
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Friday, September 07, 2012

Project Life - Weeks 14-17

That cupcake was delicious!

And because I wasn't injured enough from the Feb 1/2,
I did this one too & added a couple more months to my recovery time.

Great memories from this race...despite the pain, I ended up with a new personal best time.

Easter fun!!

Lots of journaling here because mom, Ethan & I went to Nashville for a couple days during Spring Break.
Ethan really enjoyed the dinosaur exhibit they have at the Nashville Zoo. Really neat!!

Dinner @ Margaritaville in Nashville...and our first season of WeeBall begins!

A lot of the everyday.

A nice afternoon in the backyard. More Weeball!

Love this picture and love the cutout made with my Cameo!

5 year anniversary weekend...truly a miracle.

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Thursday, September 06, 2012

Project Life - Weeks 12-13 and a layout

Clearly it was a week with not much going on besides work & daily living...lots of fillers.
If you haven't tried those strawberry pulls from Target - go get some...yummy!!!
I came across the "vintage" flash card at school & had to have it!! :)

Another giveaway that it was a slow week is my Twitter feed in a 4x6 slot.
Grandpa visited over the weekend and a group of gals from work
met up on Saturday to see the Hunger Games movie.

Love & Hearts here...Dawn's adorable "save the date" card and the receipt for Hula's heart medication.

Combination "carb-loading" dinner (1/2 marathon the next morning) & celebrating mom's birthday. One of my favorite pictures of me and Ethan together.
Had to stuff a piece of that 7 Gypsies paper in there just to keep...I love it so!!

*a current layout*
My favorite picture from my birthday dinner @ mom's/grandma's house.

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