Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Project Life - Weeks 8 -9

I finally got around to taking pictures of all my completed Project Life pages to date and thought I would share them here. The next few posts will include 1-2 weeks of PL until I'm caught up to the current week (wishful thinking). 

Weeks 8-9 are combined here as this included our quick trip to Walt Disney World in February when I ran the Princess 1/2 Marathon (and therein injured my foot). On the trip was me, Ethan, my mom and my aunt. My aunt walked the 5k race the day prior to the 1/2 and my mom was on "baby detail"....guess I should say "child-care duty" since he's not really a baby anymore *sad face*

(oops! didn't realize I had already posted week 8 quite a while ago...even though I searched & searched for it prior to creating this post)

Saved our plastic hotel room keys...it will be neat to look back in 10 years
and see the change in how Disney issues their keys at that time.

Added a 6x12 insert here to include this picture of Ethan and I with the Princess 1/2 Marathon sign.

The back of the 6x12 insert includes the woodgrain paper, Thickers & our park tickets. We enjoyed breakfast at The Crystal Palace with Winnie the Pooh and his friends on Saturday morning. Always SO much fun!!

Sunday Post Race - my favorite day of the whole trip!!
Saved a sweet congratulatory text message from a friend. 

I had to include an 8.5x11 insert with some lengthy journaling here about our lunch at the Hollywood Vine Cafe in MGM...Ethan had been looking so forward to "having lunch" with Jake and then when we get there he pulls this whole "I'm afraid" stunt...after having his picture taken with 20 other characters all weekend.

The back of the 8.5x11 insert lives my running bib. The 5x7 pic on the right was taken at Chef Mickey's - our Saturday evening (carb loading for me) dinner. Such a fun place to eat!!

Post race pictures. Arrived home and Ethan ended up sick - that top pic was taken in the doctor's office.

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Travel & Dive Girl said...

I've said it before - I'm super jealous of your talent. I wish I could get organized enough to put my life into memories.

*krystyn* said...

@T&D Girl - awww, thank you!!!