Thursday, September 27, 2012


In Ali Edwards last newsletter, she invited everyone to play along with a "currently" post here's mine.

thinking: about all the crafting I want to do and all the books I want to read. not enough time.

dreaming: of having a super successful little Etsy shop someday (soon).

listening/hearing: Cars 2 movie playing in the background.

watching: Ethan grow up way too fast right before my eyes.

loving: the mornings I get to sleep in (not often enough).

feeling: frustrated with my vehicle. back to the shop this week. 3rd time.

counting: the days until Christmas break. (is it too early for that?) 56 school days BTW.

smelling: fresh air coming through the windows. fabulous!

wanting: a mac desktop. badly. so tired of working on a 13" laptop.

believing: better things are to come. right?

making: ha! what am I NOT making. Way too many projects going on here, but I seriously cannot help myself...I'm still working on Project Life, I'm in the middle of Shimelle's Learn Something New Every Day, then I took advantage of Ali's sale on 31 Things (love that class!!) and I still need to finish 5 lists from my May 2012 "30 lists" class. Oh it is so very out of control. Whoops!!

planning: to go to a weekend long crop in November with some girlfriends. I am crazy excited but also feeling a teensy bit of anxiety as it will be my VERY FIRST weekend away from Ethan as well as O's VERY FIRST weekend of just him and Ethan. I wonder how many phone calls I will get. 

living: a little bit more healthy. I quit stopping at CFA for diet dr peppers every morning. Instead I'm consuming at least 64oz of H2O. dropping a few pounds here and there. starting to run a little bit again. at least this is ONE problem I can fix. :)

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Travel & Dive Girl said...

Great post! The weekend away sounds like fun. Don't worry yourself about the boys - they will be just fine. Guaranteed O won't do things like you will, but he'll manage just fine.