Friday, September 30, 2011

Banned Book Week - Sep 24-Oct 1

First of all, I can't believe I am going to admit this, but until this year I never knew Banned Books Week existed!! Did you? I find it rather interesting and as I was reading Book Journey, one of my regular book blogs recently, I noticed she was looking for a few people to participate in the weeks activities. 

I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity and I chose to read a book from the Banned Book List and do a review of the book here on my blog.

The book I chose is Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl. Also, before this year, I didn't realize this book was even on the Banned Book List.

It has also been a surprise to many that at the age of 40 (!!), this is the FIRST time I am reading this book. I somehow made it through school without having to read it and honestly, I'm thinking that I probably would have connected more with the book at a younger age than I did now.

I am rather obsessed with books which take place in WWII, primarily stories of the Holocaust, so I had really looked forward to reading this book, especially in honor of Banned Books Week. For some reason, however, I really struggled with this book. I had always heard such fantastic things about it and many of my wonderful Goodreads friends have given it 5 stars, so I was quite hopeful that I would feel the same. I did not.

I found a lot of it to be rather repetitive, but I suppose that is typical for a diary. Regardless of my lack of fondness for the book, I still think it should be a required read for educational purposes as it provides a unique perspective of this time in history.

Why was it banned? 
This book was banned for passages that were considered "sexually offensive," as well as for the tragic nature of the book. Various reasons have been used to justify banning Anne Frank's acclaimed diary. In one 1983 incident, four members of the Alabama State Textbook Committee called for its removal because it was a "real downer." This claim earned the book a  fifth place on ALA's Ten most farfetched reasons to ban a book."

The Washington Post published that Culpeper County public school officials have decided to stop assigning a version of Anne Frank's diary to 8th grade students after a parent complained that the book includes sexually explicit material and homosexual themes

To date, more than twenty-five million copies have been printed in fifty-five languages. 

Thank you to Book Journey for this opportunity...I really enjoyed participating!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

30 lists in 30 days - part 2

Here are the next few 'lists' I've made for my 30 lists in 30 days...and yep, I'm still a few days behind.
This was a great weekend - my girls day out to lunch & shopping.

I pretty much feel like this @ every moment.

I cannot wait to go to the pumpkin patch this year.

This list was a struggle...sometimes NOTHING motivates me!

I'm not a big procrastinator but when I am, these are the things that help me.

I'm a comfort dresser, for sure!

Might be trying Yoga for the FIRST time this excited!!

Wishful thinking/dreaming

Easiest list ever...hee!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ethan - September 2011

Ethan @ 3 years, 7 months & 19 days.
*His new favorite song is "Does Anybody Really Know What Time it is?" by Chicago...he's in love with the horns in a lot of the Chicago songs. I miss that band.

*Knows all his colors in Spanish!

*Eats great @ school and not-so-great @ home. 

*Loves watching "Jake & the Neverland Pirates"

* Loves the library.

*Insists on reading at least 3 books every night.

*And I may have spoken too soon w/regards to the pooping...we ARE still a diaper/pull-up free household, but so far this week AT SCHOOL (where he NEVER used to poop), he has had one accident each day. Phooey!! Here's hoping Wednesday will be more successful!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Milestone reached!!

It's interesting how kids grow and change.

E has mastered #1 in the potty for quite some time now...I cannot remember the last accident he had. #2 though, has been a whole 'nother story!

Once upon a time, long, long, ago he pooped in the potty w/o a problem and we celebrated. Despite the positive experience, he later decided he would not use the potty for #2. Flat out refused. Since then, we have been using Pull Ups for #2 only. It was so ridiculous that he would go into his room, get the Pull Up himself and put it on. He would then let me know when he was ready to be cleaned up. Oh joy!!

Well, I am SO glad to say that those days are O.V.E.R.

On Friday, after getting home from school/work, E announced that he needed to do his business and I reminded him that we ran out of Pull Ups the day before and that he would have to go on the potty.

His response: "ok".......what? You mean after putting up a MAJOR fuss for many long months, he simply said "ok" and to the bathroom we went. I was so excited AND so was he! It was rather funny even. Oh and having the cute turtle guy on the flushable wipes container was an added bonus. I had purchased these wipes a while ago and told him we could not use them until he starting pooping in the potty. It's the little things, people!!

Now we have a handful of #2 potty visits under our belt and all is good in this diaper/pull-up free household!! Woohoo!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I Want Wednesday

I want: this book!! What fun to get "badges" for accomplishing things we've always wanted to do...who wouldn't love that? On top of that, the author was one of the victims of 9/11 and this book was finished by her husband and close friends. Cool!

I (still) want: one of these Fuji Instax cameras. I just know it would be the perfect addition to fun scrappy projects.

I want: this fantastic lamp for my desk. It would be perfect for my scrapbooking projects. Nice.Bright.Light.

I want: this awesome notepad! Because then I can leave a note for my husband LOL!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

getting crafty

I've contemplated doing this for the past few years and I have decided that THIS is the year I will finally give it a go...albeit, a small "go"....

I'm going to make some December Daily albums for my Etsy shop...I'm tired of seeing a bunch of other gals make truckloads of money doing this and I know I am capable.

So far, I have completed 4 albums just with the stash of papers I already have on hand. I will pick up just a few sheets of holiday paper this week and make a few more. I'm really hoping for some positive results. 

The books are 25 pages of various papers/cardstocks with raw chipboard covers and are 4x6 in size. 

Here are a few sneak peaks:

Monday, September 12, 2011

30 far

Yeah, that whole "I'm giving up on scrapbooking thing...well, it lasted a couple months, but that's about it"...I guess it's one of my addictions. Ha!! 

I'm still a few days behind on my "30 lists in 30 days" deal...but here's what I have completed so far:
The Cover

Failing at many of these goals already.

The good stuff!

No comments from the peanut gallery please!!

Supposed to be a day of rest...rarely turns out that way though.

Oh how I wish this were possible...

Meh! Not crazy about this page...but oh well.

And the list could be much longer...
Oh to be a kid again...

Sunday, September 11, 2011

september 11

Ten years ago today I was living in Nogales, Arizona (AKA 'no mans land'). I was working for Motorola and getting ready for work when my phone rang. It was my supervisor telling me NOT to go to work. Our office was actually located in Nogales, MEXICO and I had been crossing the border everyday to get to/from work. 

The time difference between AZ and NY had a significant impact on this day. If I had already crossed the border en route to work, I would have been stuck there for a few days, as the borders were shut down. Instead, I camped out on my futon (AKA my couch) and was glued to the TV watching in shock and horror.

As many have already said, it is a day we will never forget.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

30 lists in 30 days

Join 30 Days of Lists

I stumbled upon this neat little project 30 Lists in 30 Days on needless to say I'm already behind since being gone for the weekend.

It sounded fun and so I just had to sign up. Hoping to get caught up in the next couple days.