Monday, September 12, 2011

30 far

Yeah, that whole "I'm giving up on scrapbooking thing...well, it lasted a couple months, but that's about it"...I guess it's one of my addictions. Ha!! 

I'm still a few days behind on my "30 lists in 30 days" deal...but here's what I have completed so far:
The Cover

Failing at many of these goals already.

The good stuff!

No comments from the peanut gallery please!!

Supposed to be a day of rest...rarely turns out that way though.

Oh how I wish this were possible...

Meh! Not crazy about this page...but oh well.

And the list could be much longer...
Oh to be a kid again...


Sarah said...

Oh my gosh those are amazing! I love them! I am so jealous as at this point in my life, scrapbooking has taken a backseat to EVERYTHING else! I don't know why I feel like I have so little time for it (ok wait, yes I do). Long work hours, a house still unfinished that we moved into 7 months ago, a busy toddler. You know - life. I am so inspired though!

I really like your 'I'm happeist when' list as I can relate to pretty much everything on there, especially Christmas (I am getting giddy just thinking about it), cuddling with my son and sleeping in. I hear you!

Have a good week!

em said...

LOVE these! :)