Thursday, August 27, 2015

Bookish and Not-So-Bookish Thoughts

Bookish and Not-So-Bookish Thoughts is a weekly blogging event hosted by Bookishly Boisterous. It allows book bloggers (and non-book bloggers) to write about pretty much anything, bookish or otherwise (i.e. share exciting plans for the weekend, rants on things they've encountered during the week, etc.). 

1) It's my last day of summer. Cue the tears.

2) I survived my first CrossFit class. I plan to go back on Friday for another trial class. I'm sure I'll need the de-stressor after my first day back at work.

3) I was cruising along through my day Wednesday feeling pretty good for the most part and then BAM! email changes everything. Really hoping I can truly enjoy my last day of summer. 

4) And all of a sudden I feel like I need to read books on "finding happiness"...I know there are plenty out there, but how do I choose one?

5) I have so many books on my TBR list, but have NO desire to read any of them right now. I finished The Rosie Project on Friday and have not started anything new. I am reading one non-fiction book currently, but haven't picked it up for a couple days. 

6) I read 13 books this summer....just slightly more than 1 per week. I would have liked to have read more.

7) Out of nowhere, Ethan is a boogery mess...I guess it's the "out of nowhere" cool weather we have had for the past 2 days...something must have bloomed. We had to make a late night run to the store for Claritin last night!! We are still waiting for it to take effect. Poor guy!

8) Last night was brought to you by #stress and #tears  :( I got about 4 hours of sleep. Not the best way to spend the night before my last day of summer ...or the 6 mile run I am supposed to do today.  

9) If anything, yesterday brought me VERY CLEAR signs that it is time for a significant change in my life. #workingtowardsthatdream

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

All Things "-ing"

Texting: It's great most of the time, but it certainly has it's shortcomings. For me, I can't quite understand why people don't respond with "ok," "thank you" or other SHORT comment to let you know your text was received AND that they read it. This is so irritating to me that I've decided to adopt this way of communication and see if anyone says anything to me like "oh, I didn't know if you rec'd my message..." or something along those lines, because that's how it makes me feel...besides that I also think it's kind of rude. Does anyone feel this way? Or maybe it's just one of my wacky character attributes. :)

Dreaming: still working on the big dream. Really putting work into my LinkedIn profile and making good connections. Sent out a few requests for "endorsements"...I figure everything helps right? I even recalled an old friend who now works at the big D but started with a contracting company first. She is going to get me their contact information, so hopefully I can make some strong connections there. 

Exercising: if this is my last post ever it will be because I died during my FREE trial CrossFit class today at 3:30pm. I am SO excited, but also SO nervous. I am super motivated to improve my running ability & speed and feel like I need to do something different than just running and what I've done over the past 5 years (obviously) in order to garner better results. I think CrossFit is going to be a good match. I just hope the pocketbook can match up too...and sadly I think it's kinda pricey....we shall see!

Creating: I participated in #weekinthelife last week as I have for the past 5 years...posted a few pictures here, but I don't know if it was because we were still on summer that I didn't have so much to take pictures of....I know that makes NO sense, but some days we really didn't do much. Thankfully on the weekend, we went out of town and had good fun so that helped. I just felt "off my game" this year with #weekinthelife  I also have ZERO ambition to work on putting my album together. *sigh*

Realizing: that my summer is just about over. Thursday is my last day "free" and Friday I report back to school. It's been really nice staying up late and sleeping in. It just fits me. I'm a 9am workout kind of gal. I'll never be a 5am exerciser, so now it looks like I'll have no choice but to be a 5pm workout kind of gal. I'll make it work. 

Enjoy your Wednesday!!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Bookish and Not-So-Bookish Thoughts

Bookish and Not-So-Bookish Thoughts is a weekly blogging event hosted by Bookishly Boisterous. It allows book bloggers (and non-book bloggers) to write about pretty much anything, bookish or otherwise (i.e. share exciting plans for the weekend, rants on things they've encountered during the week, etc.). 

1) Well, we are in the "homestretch" of our super duper extended summer. I think we are both ready to go back. We've both been spending a lot of time on technology, especially with all this rain, as we are  running out of places to go and things to do. We've gone to numerous Disney Store events too.

2) Reading The Rosie Project and loving it. Tonight I have my long run, but tomorrow morning I plan to walk on the treadmill for 1 hour - and read. Cannot wait. 

3) When Ethan gets upset with me or a decision I have made, he walks off and starts talking to himself. It's kind of funny, but I do hope this isn't something he carries into adulthood.

4) I don't watch much TV, but Tuesday night at 9pm EST I was GLUED to the friend and former co-worker, Mitzi, was a contestant on Extreme Weight Loss Makeover and her episode aired that night. I had the kleenex handy and am so proud of her accomplishments. She is truly the sweetest person you could meet and I'm so glad she was given this opportunity.

5) Ethan had a great time going rollerskating yesterday, though he said he fell on his butt a lot...haha! I took advantage and went for a run outside and then had my massage appointment. He got back from rollerskating around 1230pm and we went out to lunch together. It was a good day. 

6) This week, I've been working on my #weekinthelife project with Ali Edwards. I love this project, but this year I feel like I've been "off my game"...not taking many pictures and feeling like I have nothing to take pictures of. Ugh. Kind of frustrated.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Week in the Life - Day 2 - Tuesday

Day 2 of Week in The Life 
Here are a few of my pictures from Tuesday

As we have not yet started back to school, I am loving sleeping in & not having to wake at the absurd hour of 5:45am.

Completed Week 7 Day 2 Run on the Galloway app...I bumped up my intervals to 7 min run/40 second walk and was happy that I felt great until the last couple minutes of the last interval. Not bad!

We have spent A LOT of time at a the Disney Store this summer...they have daily events (free) that Ethan enjoys and I'm glad I made a point to document our visit here as I did not take any pictures of us during any other trips to the store.

A common scene in my house.
Ethan watching videos and Milo right beside him, doing what he does best, sleep!

Driving home from my haircut appointment.
We spend a lot of time in the car running errands and such, I love including a picture like this in WITL.

The Unsuccessful Dinner.
Followed a Pillsbury recipe making hot dogs & cheese inside a rolled up pizza crust.
Even after an extra 15 minutes of cooking, the dough STILL wasn't done on the inside. Ick!
Also, it's on a bed of chili, which may look good, was not.
Neither Ethan nor I liked this. Won't be making it again.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Week in the Life - Day 1 - Monday

Ali Edwards "Week in the Life" project began yesterday, Monday, August 17 and runs through Sunday, August 23. 
This is my 5th year participating in this project and I always love the "mini" album I put together documenting just a "regular" week in our lives.
I should have left myself a note in the morning as a reminder, because I did not take a single picture until almost 10 in the morning on Monday. Oops!

Here are a few of my Monday pictures:
Arriving at the Circle G Ranch - a drive through safari/zoo. I took Ethan and 2 of his good buddies here.
It was quite the adventure. It was also a bit of a challenge to drive AND take pictures.

A very hungry zebra!
He wasn't aggressive, just wanted some food.
The boys got a kick out of this.

The one where I'm waiting at the camera store to find out why my camera is not working.
Diagnosis: dead 18-55 lens. Won't focus. Thankfully I can use the manual focus and the camera itself is fine.

I'm a bit "obsessed" with nutrition bars right now.
I've enjoyed the Pure Protein for a while. No complaints.
Read about SkinnyGirl recently, so I bought 2 to try...1st one I ate was gross.
I received A LOT of recommendations for Quest bars...went to The Vitamin Shop to buy a couple...
they are aaaaaamazing. Delicious & no gross chalky flavor or texture.

Lacing up to head to the YMCA where I spent 1 hour on the elliptical machine.
I love working out on that machine, because I can also read my book.

Monday, August 17, 2015

And she ran...

Clearly, this is my PRE-race picture...I look happy & energized!
I ran a 5k yesterday morning.

For whatever reason, I was feeling a bit anxious about it before hand...just wanted to "get it over with"...

I arrived about 45 minutes pre-race time. Got my awesome t-shirt (which will become part of my running shirt quilt someday) and then hung around and did some stretching.

The race started at 9:33am.

I was feeling pretty good, despite the nerves, but the 4:1 intervals were not as easy for me as they have been on the treadmill.

He came to cheer me on!
The part that really irks me though, is that I did a 5k on June 28 at Castaway Cay, felt great, ran until I felt like I absolutely had to walk which turned out to be at the 2 mile mark or so. I couldn't believe how "easy" it felt to me. Of course, this race wasn't timed, nor did I have my Garmin at that time, but I felt good.

Going into yesterday's race, along with the nerves, I felt positive and that with all the hard work I had put in over the summer, that this 5k should be cake, or at least as easy as the prior one. Both were fairly flat courses.
The race just started...feeling good!!
I did start out a bit aggressive completing my 1st mile in 10:49 which made me quite happy. That's my best every mile time. Unfortunately though, that seemed to hurt me for the remainder of the race as I ended up with a 12:08 average mile time and a total of 38:01. My goal was to finish under 37 minutes. Missed it. :(  I feel like I pushed myself, but then I guess not quite enough. I was kinda bummed afterwards, but then Oscar reminded me that at least I got out there and ran the opposed to sitting on the couch. And honestly, I always feel so good throughout the day after I work out in the morning. I will really miss my morning workouts when I return to work next week. And, no, a 5am workout isn't an option for me. Ack!
And here I am...barely alive as I cross the finish line. I was feeling rough by this point. :(

I do like this image however...10:49 mile. Yay!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Bookish & Not-So-Bookish Thoughts

Bookish and Not-So-Bookish Thoughts is a weekly blogging event hosted by Bookishly Boisterous. It allows book bloggers (and non-book bloggers) to write about pretty much anything, bookish or otherwise (i.e. share exciting plans for the weekend, rants on things they've encountered during the week, etc.). 

1) Still plugging away with reading "For Such a Time" by Kate Breslin and it's really good!!!

2) I really really really want one of these Momentum bracelets...problem is I cannot decide on which phrase I want to get!! The idea is to wear it when working out/running/racing, but I could see myself wearing it more often as well. As you can see there are SO many to choose from!! I like "stay strong" and "be brave", but there are a couple others I would like too!! Help!!

3) Tested out the new Garmin watch last night. I only ran 1.5 miles because I had already run indoors that morning (and the Garmin works best outdoors & won't work well indoors until it learns your stride from running outdoors a few times). Someone please tell me WHY was that 1.5 miles SO freakin' hard???  Running on a treadmill seems easier. I'm going to guess it's because it was the end of the day and I had already ran, swept floors, vacuumed and shampooed carpets in my house...maybe I was low on energy? Yep, that sounds good!!

4) Tomorrow night - GIPSY KINGS in concert...heading to Atlanta (blech!) but that's where they will be playing. Haven't seen them in probably 10 years. Also hitting up the Coca Cola Museum Saturday morning before heading home. Good weekend ahead!!

5) Ethan has decided he likes rollerskating after last trip to roller rink w/after school/summer program. Super stoked that they are going again this Wednesday and he can go along even though I'm not working. A few free hours for me...they will fly by I'm sure and I have more than enough to do to fill the time.

6) I really wish (and hope) that I was a faster runner. Seems like I'm a 12 minute/mile kind of gal...wonder if I'll improve on that any?

7) So, I've had a dream for  quite a few years now to be a Disney Cast Member (and live in FL) ...preferably in a mid-level job, not an $8.00/hour entry level job (since I can't support a family on that)...and so I've decided that this is the year I will focus significant effort on making that dream a reality. Come April/May 2016, I'll really be working hard on this as the school year comes to a close and I'll be able to truly make a change. I will be giving the resume an overhaul and spending a lot of time on LinkedIn and hopefully making connections as much as I can. I've been inspired by a fellow (amazing!) teacher who just left after 5 years of service to go into Pharmaceutical sales...I'm sure she is singing her way all the way to the bank!!

8) With as much as I am working out, I'm kind of frustrated with the SLOOOOOW moving of the scale. Seriously, I am eating well, running 4 times a week, doing the 30-day plank challenge (with my mom!), numerous arm exercises w/weights, crunches and squats DAILY...but things sure are moving slow. Argh!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


1) Those fabulous looking running shoes I mentioned in my last post. Yeah, I don't own them anymore. After they gave me heel blisters while WALKING, I decided I don't need them and went back to my old faithful running shoes with inserts. All is well again in my running world.

2) I'm a bit out of control with running (and signing up for) races. I have a 5k this Sunday. I have another 5k race in September - benefits the Humane Society (yay!) October is the big one...a 15k...and this one is to get my "proof of time" for the Disney Princess 1/2 so that I don't get placed in the last corral. I am contemplating the Nashville 5k in November (would love that!) and then I need a December and January. I also signed up for a local 5k that isn't until April, but the price is going up tonight. The best part, 5k finishers get a medal! Hooray!! #runforthebling

3) Excited to try out my Garmin 220 tonight while E is at his bible study. It was a bit of an early birthday present and I'm super excited to run outside and see how it works! I already ran this morning on the treadmill, so tonight will be a short run, maybe 1.5 miles or so. 

4) 26 more days of summer for us.

5) I think Ethan and I will head to the Circle G Ranch/Zoo next week. It looks amazingly fun and it's really affordable - two things we really need in this extended summer. :) Feeding zebras from our car should be totally rad.

6) I had a super productive day today...not sure where the energy came from but glad it did...laundry, swept, vacuumed & shampooed carpet. I love it when the house feels so clean!!

Friday, August 07, 2015

Running & Fitness: Week in Review

My new running kicks, purchased Friday.
Goodbye left foot pain.
Hello many more miles.
Thank you "tax-free-weekend"!!
This week in fitness & running:

Monday: Week 5, Day 3 (day 14) 36:22 total time. 3.41 miles. 12,338 fitbit steps for the day.

Tuesday: 66 minute spin class. 7,235 steps.

Wednesday: Week 5, Day 3 (day 15-long run day) 48.18 total time. 4.31 miles. 13,487 fitbit steps for the day.

Thursday: Week 6, Day 1 (day 16) 36:30 total time. 3.41 miles. (this run was super hard today...should have taken a rest day after long run) 10,875 fitbit steps for the day.

Friday: 50 minutes on elliptical machine. 14,326 fitbit steps (as of 9:20pm)

Total miles ran: 11.13

Thursday, August 06, 2015

Bookish & Not-So-Bookish Thoughts

Bookish and Not-So-Bookish Thoughts is a weekly blogging event hosted by Bookishly Boisterous. It allows book bloggers (and non-book bloggers) to write about pretty much anything, bookish or otherwise (i.e. share exciting plans for the weekend, rants on things they've encountered during the week, etc.). 

1) Seriously wondering why my sweet & loving child is so UNinterested in sports/competition/athletics or the doing of much anything that is physical...doesn't want to learn to ride a bike (what?!?!) and lately since he is not showing me he truly KNOWS how to swim at the pool, I signed him up for 4 lessons so he can get a refresher and actually swim instead of "floating" around the pool or looking like he's drowning...he is not happy about the lessons...again, it's just the "doing" he isn't happy with. He's totally content PLAYING in the pool all day long, but now kids are playing games like "who can get to the ball first?" and of course since he won't/can't swim, he's not getting the ball & then complains to me. Lessons=Get the Ball=No Complaining=Mommy stays sane.

2) When the cooler weather gets here, we will tackle the learning to ride a bike again. I'm already wishing I could contract that out, but pretty sure no one offers "learn to ride a bike" lessons.

3) I just started reading "For Such a Time" a couple days ago...we've been so busy though that at night lately I just want to veg-out with Pinterest and haven't felt like reading. Hoping to change that tonight. Also, tomorrow at the Y will be 1 hour on the elliptical which is great reading time. Yay!!

4) I've also (finally) started reading "Growing Up Social" by Gary Chapman (the love language guy) far the book is good but not a lot of earth-shattering information that I didn't already know. It's still early though so we'll see if that changes.

5) I do love summer. No bedtimes (most nights). No routine (mostly) All I can say is when we do go back to school it's not going to be pretty.

6) I really thought I would read a tonage of books this summer, but it is not turning out to be the case. I have many things I can blame that on, though it's only my fault anyway, it doesn't really matter. I know I've been spending more time on the internet (hello, re-kindled love with Pinterest)'s sure not spent on scrapbooking as I remain weeks behind on my Project Life. Wondering if I really apply myself these last 20 days, how many books could I get through?

7) There are few things worse to someone training for a half marathon than having shoe problems. Especially when said shoes are less than 1 year old. Made a stop at New Balance today to inquire about current shoe/foot issue...looks like I'll be buying another pair of shoes and inserts, as current pair was not getting along with inserts and so I ditched them and *poof* foot pain from years ago returns. I guess I need those inserts, but I don't need a shoe with so much stability...that made my food pronate (?) or something like that too much. *sigh*

8) It's tax-free weekend this weekend. Buying shoes for me and E. Yay for saving almost 10%!!!

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Currently: Running Edition

Watching: a couple videos on the Garmin 220 as I continue my research on running watches. Looking at some Timex IRONMAN watches too....they are a lot more teacher-salary-friendly. :)

EatingYoplait 100 Greek - Black Cherry, every morning and sometimes another at night. I love their higher level of protein and they are delicious. And quite popular I often have a hard time finding them at the grocery store, yet all the other flavors are fully stocked.

Drinking: a lot of water...always trying for 64oz...usually get it around 50oz, so I have lots of room for improvement here.

Readinga lot of blogs and FB group posts for RunDisney and the Princess Weekend specifically.

Thinking: it's going to be a great running weekend when it gets here. I'm so excited and just hope my training goes as well as I imagine it. I've definitely got a better training plan this time than I had for the two previous Princess races I did. 

Trying: to eat well and work out hard. Even on my rest day I strive for my 10k steps via walking.

Going: to the YMCA 3-4 days a week to run, spin & do yoga. 

Discovering: lots of new running "equipment" I 2010 I carried IN MY HAND for 13.1 miles my little point & shoot wasn't awful, but I don't want to do that again, so I think I'll invest in a FlipBelt (that everyone is raving about) and keep it in there. Yay!! This gal did a neat review on Flipbelt. 

Starting: to lose weight!! Hooray! It's about time. I'm back down below the ever-haunting number...that was the highlight of my Monday!

Feeling: like my arms are getting in slightly better shape. I have made a spreadsheet (nerd alert!) of all the exercises (mostly arms) I want to do each day and I write down the # of reps I do each day. If I don't fill in every square every day, that's ok because there will be days we are not home which will make that difficult, so on days I'm home and have lots of time, I'm making sure to do everything I can. I can't wait to see the numbers increase as I fill in the spreadsheet. 

Needing: to work on and improve my plank time. I've NEVER incorporated planks into my workout, but recently saw a 30 day challenge on FB and thought... "why not?"  I'm not really doing the challenge though, but I do plan to do a plank every day and see how long I can hold it for. First time ever: 25 seconds. Lots of room for improvement. :)

Wanting: to take 10 minutes off my finish time for the 1/2. Despite the crowds, I think this is a realistic goal as I have a different training plan and will be doing regular intervals for the entire race. I hope the recovery time is enough when I get to mile 8-9 as that has been my "wall" before. 

Crafting:  maybe the tutu I will wear for the race, though there is a really nice once on Etsy that I could just buy. It's $30 so I'm not sure which way I'll go yet. 

Enjoying: the FB groups I'm in for the race weekend. Great information!!

Loving: the excitement over planning this trip. I cannot wait. 

Hoping: I don't have any problems with getting the time off of work for the race, but I did go in 2012 and took my 2 personal days and 1 unpaid day. It will be the same this year. It's called work-life balance. 

Listening (to): a lot of fast tempo songs on my running playlist. 

Monday, August 03, 2015

Week 5 Day 2

The day after I registered for WDW Princess 1/2, I switched over to the Galloway 10k app to work on my training. I was already into Week 4 or 5 on the C25K plan, so it's been a fairly easy transition so far, as I started from Week 1, Day 1. There were a couple of days where I did 2 of the short runs back-to-back in the same workout/same day.

Today I finished Day 14 or also called Week 5, Day 2. This workout was 36:18 in total time with a 3 minute walk before and after and a 30 minute run in the middle.

I am currently doing 4/1 intervals. I initially started at 3/1 with the app but moved up to 4/1 after just a few days as 3/1 felt too easy and I'm really hoping to shave quite a bit of time off my time for this next 1/2. I really wish there was a 5 or 6 minute run with 1 minute walk option, but those both only offer a 30 second walk/recovery time and when I recently tried the 4/:30, my body really needed the full minute. Hopefully over time I will get there and be able to do a longer run w/a shorter walk interval.

My next run is a long run, which right now looks like I'll do on Wednesday evening. As for tomorrow, it's Spin Class at 9:30am. I returned to Spin Class last Tuesday since having knee surgery and loved it so I'm looking forward to it again.

Happy Monday!  And Happy Training to all my fellow Princesses out there!!

Sunday, August 02, 2015

"Running is cheap exercise", said NO ONE ever!!

I've read many times that running is the cheapest form of exercise...all you need are shoes and a road.

Well, I beg to differ, a little bit anyway. :)

(1) First of all, the shoes....the shoes are KEY....and I don't know any regular runners out there in $40 shoes. A "decent", not even top of the line, running shoe is going to set you back $120 at least. 

(2) Next, let's talk about the races you will want to enter...either for fun, or in my case, because I need to submit a Proof of Time for the Princess Race before November. I did get lucky here though as the 15k I'll be running only cost $30...which is more like a 5k price! Yay!
(3) My latest "want/need" is a GPS running watch. I thought I had one but turns out the one I had only keeps time and measures my heart rate. I really need a watch that does interval timing, which means it will beep at me when it's time to run or walk. Some watches (the nicer, more expensive ones) will vibrate, which is handy when running a race and 47 other watches around you are beeping. One of the (many) great things about Facebook are GROUPS...there are a few I am in right now as I prepare for the 1/2 in February and so I asked for suggestions on watches....I'm getting great information. And now I need $200 for this watch. It has received a lot of positive reviews on a variety of sites that I've looked at too.

(4) Clothing...oh the area I sometimes struggle in, especially in regards to work out clothes. I am a v-neck only gal when it comes to running shirts...I simply cannot do tanks as I'm not OK with my arms flying around for all the world to see (right now anyway). I had a little luck lately when I browsed in Dilliard's and came across THREE different color Under Armor Charged Cotton Loose Fitting V-Neck shirts. It was Christmas in July for me, for sure!! I bought all 3 of course, so now I have 5 GOOD & COMFORTABLE running shirts. It only took 43 years, but I got that done. 

(5) Socks are by far my cheapest running attire...I buy the 5-pack of white cotton socks from Old Navy...I think they are around $10. I ran my previous two 1/2s in these socks and no problem, so I don't see a reason to change to fancy schmancy wicking socks for $15.00 a pair. I'm good with my plain 'ol white cotton socks. 

(6) Pants, shorts, wicking vs. non-wicking...the list goes on and on. I also need some sort of headband to keep the sweat from burning my eyes and also to keep my hair looking a complete hot mess at the end.

So...running...yeah, not a cheap form of exercise really...but it sure can be fun!! Run on!