Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Week in the Life - Day 2 - Tuesday

Day 2 of Week in The Life 
Here are a few of my pictures from Tuesday

As we have not yet started back to school, I am loving sleeping in & not having to wake at the absurd hour of 5:45am.

Completed Week 7 Day 2 Run on the Galloway app...I bumped up my intervals to 7 min run/40 second walk and was happy that I felt great until the last couple minutes of the last interval. Not bad!

We have spent A LOT of time at a the Disney Store this summer...they have daily events (free) that Ethan enjoys and I'm glad I made a point to document our visit here as I did not take any pictures of us during any other trips to the store.

A common scene in my house.
Ethan watching videos and Milo right beside him, doing what he does best, sleep!

Driving home from my haircut appointment.
We spend a lot of time in the car running errands and such, I love including a picture like this in WITL.

The Unsuccessful Dinner.
Followed a Pillsbury recipe making hot dogs & cheese inside a rolled up pizza crust.
Even after an extra 15 minutes of cooking, the dough STILL wasn't done on the inside. Ick!
Also, it's on a bed of chili, which may look good, was not.
Neither Ethan nor I liked this. Won't be making it again.

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