Thursday, August 06, 2015

Bookish & Not-So-Bookish Thoughts

Bookish and Not-So-Bookish Thoughts is a weekly blogging event hosted by Bookishly Boisterous. It allows book bloggers (and non-book bloggers) to write about pretty much anything, bookish or otherwise (i.e. share exciting plans for the weekend, rants on things they've encountered during the week, etc.). 

1) Seriously wondering why my sweet & loving child is so UNinterested in sports/competition/athletics or the doing of much anything that is physical...doesn't want to learn to ride a bike (what?!?!) and lately since he is not showing me he truly KNOWS how to swim at the pool, I signed him up for 4 lessons so he can get a refresher and actually swim instead of "floating" around the pool or looking like he's drowning...he is not happy about the lessons...again, it's just the "doing" he isn't happy with. He's totally content PLAYING in the pool all day long, but now kids are playing games like "who can get to the ball first?" and of course since he won't/can't swim, he's not getting the ball & then complains to me. Lessons=Get the Ball=No Complaining=Mommy stays sane.

2) When the cooler weather gets here, we will tackle the learning to ride a bike again. I'm already wishing I could contract that out, but pretty sure no one offers "learn to ride a bike" lessons.

3) I just started reading "For Such a Time" a couple days ago...we've been so busy though that at night lately I just want to veg-out with Pinterest and haven't felt like reading. Hoping to change that tonight. Also, tomorrow at the Y will be 1 hour on the elliptical which is great reading time. Yay!!

4) I've also (finally) started reading "Growing Up Social" by Gary Chapman (the love language guy) far the book is good but not a lot of earth-shattering information that I didn't already know. It's still early though so we'll see if that changes.

5) I do love summer. No bedtimes (most nights). No routine (mostly) All I can say is when we do go back to school it's not going to be pretty.

6) I really thought I would read a tonage of books this summer, but it is not turning out to be the case. I have many things I can blame that on, though it's only my fault anyway, it doesn't really matter. I know I've been spending more time on the internet (hello, re-kindled love with Pinterest)'s sure not spent on scrapbooking as I remain weeks behind on my Project Life. Wondering if I really apply myself these last 20 days, how many books could I get through?

7) There are few things worse to someone training for a half marathon than having shoe problems. Especially when said shoes are less than 1 year old. Made a stop at New Balance today to inquire about current shoe/foot issue...looks like I'll be buying another pair of shoes and inserts, as current pair was not getting along with inserts and so I ditched them and *poof* foot pain from years ago returns. I guess I need those inserts, but I don't need a shoe with so much stability...that made my food pronate (?) or something like that too much. *sigh*

8) It's tax-free weekend this weekend. Buying shoes for me and E. Yay for saving almost 10%!!!


~**Dawn**~ said...

They extended our tax free weekend to a 10-day tax free holiday this year!

I can't believe I'm actually on track with my challenge this year. The book I'm on right now is almost 700 pages, though, so my guess is I'll be behind again soon. =P

Travel & Dive Girl said...

Oh boy, E sounds exactly like my son at his age - no interest in anything that involved exercise. He hated swimming lessons, but we forced those on him. He didn't learn to ride a bike until he was probably 8 and then that was a fight. He only participated in a few seasons of organized sports, but that was a struggle as well. Now that he's 23, he blames us for not making him "do more stuff" as a kid. Grrr, it's a no win situation. On the upside, he does like to swim and bike ride now. LOL. Good Luck!

~**Dawn**~ said...

I was thinking about point number one. I always resisted against being told I *had* to participate in a particular activity. Even if it was something I'd likely enjoy, the mere fact that it was "forced" on me made me immediately dislike it. What worked best with me was my dad would say "you must pick one activity that fits this criteria" and he might list some options, but then he left the choice up to me. Something about giving me control over the choice made all the difference. Maybe it would work with E?

*krystyn* said...

@Dawn...he's not really forced to do anything, but if I give him the choice of bike-riding or watching TV, he will pick TV. He plays organized baseball and while he enjoys it, he is not as "into it" as some/many of the boys on the team. He does not want to try flag football even though his 2 best friends play...and usually he will do just about anything to be with those two friends. It's more of a fear thing - at least with the bike anyway...I'm not sure how to get him to see how awesome bike riding is until he masters it, if that ever happens. *sigh*

~**Dawn**~ said...

In hindsight, I was encouraged to do things, but to me it felt like being forced? Tough to articulate. But my choices weren't ever "bike ride or watch tv." It was more like "learn to ride a bike or taking swimming lessons." If the goal was to get me to do something active, those were the choices given. I was never competitive at all (still not), so team sports weren't my thing at all (at least not to play them). He didn't ever give me options that I'd hate both of them. But there were definitely options within an intended goal, if that makes sense? I liked the autonomy of choosing and he succeeded in encouraging me toward a particular type of activity he knew I needed to have more of. I never needed to be encouraged to read though. ;-)

*krystyn* said...

Oh I need to clarify-I don't give him the choice between TV and bike (or anything) that's just a (bad) example. I need to think of something for him to choose with the other choice being bike riding...not sure what it might be...mmmm.