Wednesday, August 26, 2015

All Things "-ing"

Texting: It's great most of the time, but it certainly has it's shortcomings. For me, I can't quite understand why people don't respond with "ok," "thank you" or other SHORT comment to let you know your text was received AND that they read it. This is so irritating to me that I've decided to adopt this way of communication and see if anyone says anything to me like "oh, I didn't know if you rec'd my message..." or something along those lines, because that's how it makes me feel...besides that I also think it's kind of rude. Does anyone feel this way? Or maybe it's just one of my wacky character attributes. :)

Dreaming: still working on the big dream. Really putting work into my LinkedIn profile and making good connections. Sent out a few requests for "endorsements"...I figure everything helps right? I even recalled an old friend who now works at the big D but started with a contracting company first. She is going to get me their contact information, so hopefully I can make some strong connections there. 

Exercising: if this is my last post ever it will be because I died during my FREE trial CrossFit class today at 3:30pm. I am SO excited, but also SO nervous. I am super motivated to improve my running ability & speed and feel like I need to do something different than just running and what I've done over the past 5 years (obviously) in order to garner better results. I think CrossFit is going to be a good match. I just hope the pocketbook can match up too...and sadly I think it's kinda pricey....we shall see!

Creating: I participated in #weekinthelife last week as I have for the past 5 years...posted a few pictures here, but I don't know if it was because we were still on summer that I didn't have so much to take pictures of....I know that makes NO sense, but some days we really didn't do much. Thankfully on the weekend, we went out of town and had good fun so that helped. I just felt "off my game" this year with #weekinthelife  I also have ZERO ambition to work on putting my album together. *sigh*

Realizing: that my summer is just about over. Thursday is my last day "free" and Friday I report back to school. It's been really nice staying up late and sleeping in. It just fits me. I'm a 9am workout kind of gal. I'll never be a 5am exerciser, so now it looks like I'll have no choice but to be a 5pm workout kind of gal. I'll make it work. 

Enjoy your Wednesday!!

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