Sunday, August 02, 2015

"Running is cheap exercise", said NO ONE ever!!

I've read many times that running is the cheapest form of exercise...all you need are shoes and a road.

Well, I beg to differ, a little bit anyway. :)

(1) First of all, the shoes....the shoes are KEY....and I don't know any regular runners out there in $40 shoes. A "decent", not even top of the line, running shoe is going to set you back $120 at least. 

(2) Next, let's talk about the races you will want to enter...either for fun, or in my case, because I need to submit a Proof of Time for the Princess Race before November. I did get lucky here though as the 15k I'll be running only cost $30...which is more like a 5k price! Yay!
(3) My latest "want/need" is a GPS running watch. I thought I had one but turns out the one I had only keeps time and measures my heart rate. I really need a watch that does interval timing, which means it will beep at me when it's time to run or walk. Some watches (the nicer, more expensive ones) will vibrate, which is handy when running a race and 47 other watches around you are beeping. One of the (many) great things about Facebook are GROUPS...there are a few I am in right now as I prepare for the 1/2 in February and so I asked for suggestions on watches....I'm getting great information. And now I need $200 for this watch. It has received a lot of positive reviews on a variety of sites that I've looked at too.

(4) Clothing...oh the area I sometimes struggle in, especially in regards to work out clothes. I am a v-neck only gal when it comes to running shirts...I simply cannot do tanks as I'm not OK with my arms flying around for all the world to see (right now anyway). I had a little luck lately when I browsed in Dilliard's and came across THREE different color Under Armor Charged Cotton Loose Fitting V-Neck shirts. It was Christmas in July for me, for sure!! I bought all 3 of course, so now I have 5 GOOD & COMFORTABLE running shirts. It only took 43 years, but I got that done. 

(5) Socks are by far my cheapest running attire...I buy the 5-pack of white cotton socks from Old Navy...I think they are around $10. I ran my previous two 1/2s in these socks and no problem, so I don't see a reason to change to fancy schmancy wicking socks for $15.00 a pair. I'm good with my plain 'ol white cotton socks. 

(6) Pants, shorts, wicking vs. non-wicking...the list goes on and on. I also need some sort of headband to keep the sweat from burning my eyes and also to keep my hair looking a complete hot mess at the end.

So...running...yeah, not a cheap form of exercise really...but it sure can be fun!! Run on!

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