Tuesday, July 31, 2007

~price hike~

I meant to post this a couple days ago, but it slipped my mind.

Beware all you coffee drinkers, well, Starbucks coffee drinkers - prices are going up TODAY!! An average of .09 per drink. Plain 'ol coffee prices aren't going up but any of those fancy-schmancy drinks will cost you even more of your hard earned cash.

I believe they are blaming most of the price hike on the ever increasing price of milk and then probably a bunch of other things too but I have no idea what they are (nor do I care)--> Yep, there's my little bit of negativity for the day. Oh wait...here's more...I'm "over" the whole SBUX thing and plan to jump ship in the VERY near future. I just need to get a few ducks in a row.

Boy, I cannot wait to work tonight and listen to how "happy" everyone is about paying more for their triple, venti, soy, white mocha with whipped cream!! Oh joy! Yep, like I said - I'm OVER it!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Would you like a refill?

I met a friend for lunch today. We hadn't seen each other for about 2 months so we had a lot of catching up to do. As a result, we finished our sandwiches and kept talking and talking. There were plenty of empty seats, so we weren't taking up a table and it's counter service, so we weren't cutting into a waiters tips either.

Here's the funny part...during our chat, we were asked if we wanted refills on our sodas at least 9 times by 3-4 different people. That's just crazy. How come when you want a refill you can't seem to get one quick enough and then there's our scenario today-the extreme opposite.

Too funny!

Thursday, July 26, 2007


I've been reading lots of blogs....of people who either live in NYC or are going there, or have recently been there...and as a result...I'm itching to go there (again)....wah!!

Apparently the travel bug has bit me...I was recently investigating options for a pre-Christmas cruise...not sure that would be practical considering some other "things" going on right now (that I cannot elaborate on at this point in time). Sorry!

I'm looking forward to having an entire day off on Saturday - not working EITHER job - oh well, I do have to go feed a cat in the morning, but I think I can handle that. :-) Mom and I are going on a "shopping excursion"...I am in need of a sofa, preferably a red one, so that is priority #1. I have 2 watches w/dead batteries, so we'll head to the mall where I'll get them replaced. I also "need" to stop in Pottery Barn and mom wants to look in a couple stores too. We'll also include lunch somewhere in our adventures. Should be a fun day. O and I will probably catch a movie later that night.

I'm tired of my house being blah - there's next to nothing on the walls and that must change. I also want to change the layout of my LR. The new layout I have in mind will certainly give a more cozy feel to the room. Right now we face away from the fireplace to the TV -that needs to change. The sofa will play an important role in this transformation. Since my entertainment center weighs 3 tons (so it seems), we have help coming over on Sunday with a handtruck - hopefully that will work. I won't even begin to mention my office -it's in a state of disarray at this time.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

~torrential downpour~

That is the weather here today. We've been getting a bit of rain each day, but not quite as much as today. I think I'll need to get my kayak out if I'm going to go anywhere today. Of course as luck would have it, it's my day off and so I have a bunch of errands I wanted to get done...so I'll be dragging out the galoshes (sp?).

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

~rainy days~

We are (finally) getting quite a bit of rain (and thunder) this week. It was overcast yesterday and again today. It rained on and off yesterday, which was really nice, except for the fact that I work at home and my bed is within 50 feet of me and rainy days make me want to sleep.

Apparently, I'm not the only one who sleeps during rainy days. Milo is OUT COLD under my desk right now. Hula just woke up from her latest cat nap.

Speaking of the kitties...I realized yesterday that it's been about a year since they had their shots and so I called the vet yesterday - sure enough, it's time for them to go back. Good thing I remembered because they didn't send me a reminder card (boogers!)...anyway - we'll be off to the vet on Monday @11am. Hee hee...that's always fun!

I'm still plugging away at my HP#7 book. I'm in Ch. 12 - about 235 pages in. It has 750+ pages so I've quite a ways to go. It's very very good!!

I've got a petsitting job going on this week. I had to go feed 3 cats last night. They live in an apt along with a Greyhound (but he's not there). I only have to go every other day, which is nice. I've been helping this lady who owns the petsitting business...we passed out flyers near where I live to try to generate more clients, so whenever someone calls that is close to me, she lets me have the job. It's a little bit of extra $$ for very little work. This job ends on Sunday and I have another that starts on Saturday, but is only Sat & Sun...another cat.

I was contemplating starting my own petsitting business someday and this is a good way to see if I'd really want to do it. I don't think I do. I really don't like going into other people's homes - it's just strange. Good to find out now I suppose.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

~Harry Potter~

Yes, I had to pick up a copy of Harry Potter #7 Friday night after I left SB. I got thru 2 chapters on Saturday morning and then had to go back to SB. By the end of the day Saturday, I made it to chapter 6 - about 93 pages. I'm so anxious to see what happens, so if I'm not posting here...well, I'm probably reading.

My weekend, as promised, is otherwise uneventful. Sat & Sun working 1-9 @ SB. These would not be the shifts I would wish for - it's practically the whole day and leaves me with NO weekend. I have to work them though because I only got scheduled for 17 hrs next week, which will be a very nice break. I'm finally to the point where not a single SB drink sounds appealing to me anymore. I'm not even interested in the pastries...shocker, I know! :-)

Well, I hope everyone has/had a nice weekend. Back to my book...

Friday, July 20, 2007

~a list~

I stole this from Nichole, who stole it from Chele, who stole it from Dawn...

My roommate and I once: I've never had a roommate.

Never in my life have I: bunji jumped, although I'd like to try.

High school was: pretty good. I'd do a lot of things different if I had another chance at it.

When I am nervous: I ruminate over what has me feeling nervous. Sometimes I get a stomach ache too, if it's really bad.

My hair: is too short.

When I was 5: I had a stomach ache and got sick before the Kindergarten graduation play & ceremony (nerves).

By this time next year: I will be 1 year older.

My favorite aunt is: I only have one and right now she is much less than my favorite because she is causing unnecessary drama in my life.

I have a hard time understanding: how people can be so mean to each other sometimes. (see above)

You know I like you if: I'm nice to you... pretty simply really.

My ideal breakfast is: like Nichole, I love waffles.

If you visit my hometown: you could go see the 1st place Detroit Tigers play a game.

If you spend the night at my house: then you must be a good friend.

My favorite blonde is: Drew Barrymore (she's blonde, right?)

My favorite brunette is: Jennifer Aniston.

The animal I would like to see fly is: a pig.

I shouldn't have been: so open with some personal concerns to a certain someone.

I've been told I look like: Mary Lou Retton (a long time ago).

If I could have any car I want it would be: the BMW X5 SUV.

Happy Friday Everyone!!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Almost Friday

Well, as I warned you...I don't have much to report, but since Amy just wants to know what I've been up to...here's a post.

Since I did not have to work @ SB last night, mom and I went to see Harry Potter. We both enjoyed it very much especially having popcorn for dinner. On Saturday, Book #7 comes out. I will either race up to Wally World on Saturday to get it or better yet, I'll stop by on my way home from SB after closing on Friday to see if they've put them out yet. Technically it will be Saturday, so I would imagine they'd be for sale, right?

The Harry Potter book will take priority over the other 2 books I'm trying to read right now - so that'll make 3 books in progress. I don't usually do that - nor do I recommend it. I need to give up on the 1st one, as I'm basically losing interest in it. The 2nd book is "Water for Elephants" which is very good and I had been wanting to read it for quite some time.

Thursday is usually the day mom and I meet for lunch and so I have just returned from our "usual" place. Her and her husband spent the last week in Calgary w/family so she was filling me in on all the activities there.

Well, I better run so I can finish out my work day here and then get ready for the closing shift @ SB tonight. Have to be there @ 7pm.

If you find yourself with nothing to do today, check this out. This guy went to all 171 Starbucks in Manhattan in 1 day, actually in 20 hours. He bought and consumed at least part of a beverage or food product from every store. Pretty funny!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Back again...

Well, I finally broke down and created yet another blog. This is becoming a habit - not sure if that's good or bad. This would be Blog #3 - well, they do say "third time's a charm" - I guess we'll see about that. And this is a private blog - so I'm sorry that you'll have to sign in everytime you visit, but I got tired of the nasty commenters of the world stopping by.

I had been trying to come up with a name for this new blog. While I'd like to take credit for a little creativity - I cannot - I choose the web address for this blog based on the following SATC quote (you know how much I love that show).

"How do you bounce back when reality batters your belief system... and love does not, as promised, conquer all...? Is Hope a drug we need to go off of... or is it keeping us alive? What's the harm in believing?"

Can't you just hear Carrie Bradshaw saying that??

As for an update - there's really not much to update you on, which is another reason it took me a while to set up a new blog...we'll see how often I post. I just feel like I have nothing too exciting to report. I work, sleep and eat - that's about it these days....really! In fact, I just finished job #1 about twenty minutes ago and I have to be at job #2 in 1 hr, 40 minutes. Is that an exciting life or what?

I am off tomorrow night and very excited to report that mom and I will be going to see Harry Potter. I haven't seen a movie in quite a while and I always enjoy hanging out with my mom.
I had some blood work done yesterday and the lady left me with a heck of a bruise. My arm could be a movie stand-in for that of a heroin addicts. Ick! Very ugly.

OK - so here's a little excitement for you -but remember if I tell you everything now - there'll be nothing to post down the road...

On 8/10, two of my SB friends and I are driving to Atlanta for the day. We are planning to have lunch @ Fogo de Chao and then over to IKEA for a potential spending spree (actually I have to return a desklamp). It should be a lot of fun - they are my 2 favorite SB people.

On 8/24, I'm off to Raleigh to visit Mary and we are going to crop on Friday and Saturday night. That should be tons of fun too. I'm just getting back into scrapping and while I still don't think I have much "mojo" - I scraped up a few layouts from a couple months ago and actually submitted them for Scrapbooker of the Year - silly, I know...but it didn't really cost me anything - except a lot of color toner on my printer making copies of my layouts. LOL! I'm setting a (huge) goal for myself -I want to enter the Hall of Fame contest next year.

My favorite scrapbooker right now is Kristina Contes. Her work has such a cool, edgy look - I love it. I want to take one of her classes someday - if she's ever close by.

I guess that's all for now...happy Tuesday everyone!