Friday, June 17, 2011


listening to: "Max & Ruby" cartoons in the background...ack...on constant loop it seems.

thinking: about what E and I will do today.

wishing: I lived on the beach...ha!

feeling: fairly content.

wanting: to have less debt...much, much less my school loans would be good.

wearing: 1/2 jammies and 1/2 workout clothes...waiting to get in the shower.

hoping: that the scale will start to go down...only lost .6lbs my first week on WW despite running my arse off. went to the gym 5/7 days last week!!

enjoying: morning workouts @ the YMCA & being home with Ethan.

needing: not much really. some "me-time" to read and chill would be nice, but it's not a "need" at this point.

weather: 85 and overcast. Not too bad really.

wondering:how many freakin' miles I have to run for that damn scale to go down!!

I really like these "currently" blog posts...I need to do them more often.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tides turning?

Could they be? The tides. Turning that is? For the better?

-paid off two credit cards yesterday.

-closed one entirely (only had as benefit in making one purchase)

-E had his dental cleaning today....and ::drumroll please:: NO cavities!!! I am overjoyed about this. His dental activities are such a stressor for me now since we got off to a "not-so-great" start.

-I have ran at least 3 days per week for the past 3 weeks! So happy about that. Hoping to see some weight loss too!! Weighing in at WW in about 15 minutes...

-O has more side jobs than he can manage at this point...partially due to being out of town all during the week.

-I'm hoping that things get turned around a bit over the summer so when work starts back up, life is calmer.

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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

The Scrapbooking Camp Experience

-And by "experience" I mean MY experience...

-Overall it's been fun, however here are a few lessons learned (so far)...

-Girls take 1/3 the amount of time (if that) to complete a project than a grown woman (me) would.

-All 3 projects I planned FOR THE WEEK were done in 2 days by most of the girls.

-Girls like the look of writing with a black Sharpie marker IN their mini-albums, right ON TOP of bright patterned paper, as opposed to using the COORDINATING letter stickers provided in their kit. Who knew?

-Each girl needs to have at least TEN tape runners...holy macaroni, people...what's the deal...I told them to each have at least 3...SOOOO not enough!!

-I have lost count of the number of adhesive tape runners that have "broken" or "malfunctioned" so far this week. 

-Glue sticks suck...even if they are just "back up" adhesive.

-Do I provide adhesive next year & work it into the cost? It would eliminate the 73 different types of tape runners in the room. :)

-I have added a 3x3 mini chipboard album to the projects for the week.

-I also added a "door hanger" (on chipboard) project.

-Most girls finished these last two projects today.

-A couple girls even did 2 cards today.
-Of course, these creations are not bound for the pages of any scrapbooking publications.

-I'm not terribly excited about Thursday/Friday.

-Someone suggested I take in my stamping stuff...I am pretty sure I will have to resort to that. Meh!

-I refuse to BUY anymore product...I already bought a pack of white cardstock for additional cards.

-Yesterday I went thru my ENTIRE stash and took in ALL the papers I have had for WAY TOO LONG and know I will not use. 

-My mom is doing the same for me tonight and I will pick up her stash tomorrow morning before scrap camp.

-I have one girl who, shall I say, does not seem to have any excel in the 'social-skills' area and that seems to be with kids OR that's been (not so) fun. The second she is done w/something, she is pretty much attacking me asking what is next...doesn't matter that I'm busy helping 3 other girls either. *sigh* Practicing my "patience" skills. :)

-3 hours per day is about 1 hour too much.

-5 days per week is about 2 days too many.

-Friday we are having pizza so thankfully that will take up some of our scrapbooking time.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

30 day photo challenge

So far I'm 5/5 on the 30 day photo challenge ....truly a miracle. Check back on June 15 though...I'm bound to fall apart on this challenge at some point, at least that's what usually happens.

So here you first 5 pics:

June 1 - Self Portrait

June 2 - Favorite Shoes...yeah, they may not be "pretty" but they are still my favorites!!

June 3 - Hands (cutest little hands I've ever seen!)

June 4 - Clouds

June 5- Today's Breakfast

Friday, June 03, 2011


*my last day of work until August!!

*Ethan's last week of "school" next week.

*12 students in my scrapbook camp...grades 4-8!!

*my new found love affair with the YMCA and the elliptical machine they have!

*lots of beach time on the agenda this summer.

*that Ethan is at the perfect age to truly enjoy the beach!!

*only 23 days to our first beach day.

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Thursday, June 02, 2011

Call out for music

I need a list of "appropriate" songs that middle schoolers are into right now.

I want to make a playlist to play at Scrapbook Camp next week!!

And ideally I will also be able to tolerate the songs they like.

Yep, I'm old!!


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