Sunday, February 19, 2012

Project Life 2012

Finally took the time to take pictures of my Project Life pages and get them posted here and on my Flickr account. I love being able to share them like this, but it's always such a hassle. :(

Week 3 - Left Side
So you can see how far behind I was in posting...this was the week we went to see Les Miserables (Jan 13). There's even a really "exciting" picture of my computer desk at work there.  O and I even had a date night - which was a bit of a fail with less than good service @ Bonefish, followed by a bunch of errands for his work. Not how I like to spend "date night" ...and there are so very few of them too.

Week 3 - Right Side

Obviously not a lot going on this week, except for the tornado that swept through Ethan's room...said tornado also named "Ethan"...go figure. There he is sporting some new PJs and he's enjoying watching shows on the iPad.

Week 4 - Left Side
This was the week I decided that I really love yoga and want to continue to practice it, therefore I headed out and bought my very own yoga mat as well as a pair of yoga pants. I stumbled upon that awesome quote by JK Rowling which I just HAD to include!!

Week 4 - Right Side
This was also the week where the cutest dog just walked right into school...he hung out with us for about 3 hours until the owners saw our posting on -where else- Facebook and came to pick him up. That was a fun afternoon. We cashed in Ethan's piggy bank this week...$55 big ones. That kid has more money in the bank than me. What's the deal with that? I just love the pic of my sleepy little guy...with our new bedding too...long overdue.

Week 5 - Left Side
Really struggled with this week's layout..primarily because I had few pictures and it was a rather routine/mundane, workout, home, repeat. Until Saturday did we have any activity and that was a birthday party for a girl in Ethan's class.

Week 5 - Right Side
I included a lot of advertising stuff I love, my heart-shaped ChickFila biscuit, the Etsy store where I purchased Ethan's 4th Birthday shirt as well as some tweets. Twitter is my go-to for space fillers. I love including those 140 character snippets. :)

Friday, February 10, 2012

Looks like it'll be a scrappy weekend

*At least that is the plan right now.

*With a forecasted 37 degree high on Saturday, this human will NOT be leaving the house.

*Which is exactly why I'll be hitting the Y tonight. 

*Looking forward to getting some scrappin' done on Saturday!!

*Need to work on my February OLW layout/insert

*Need to complete Project Life Week 5 (last week)

*And Project Life Week 6 (this week)

*Really wanting different page inserts for PL...might have to wait to do Week 6 until new inserts are in my hand.

*I'll probably listen to/watch Les Miserables 10th Anniversary concert a few more times. :)

*Need to update the iPod I play in the car...desperately. :)

*Might even buy a new desktop computer this weekend...*crossing fingers*

*Stay warm!!

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Ethan turns 4!!!!

I'm not sure where the time went...but somehow Ethan had his 4th birthday yesterday!!  There was no way I could get this post up yesterday, as much as I would have liked...but here a few iPhone pics from the day.

We were very much into Sheriff/Police-mode yesterday after O brought home a little policeman kit for Ethan.

Yes, the play handcuffs were part of the policeman kit.

This is the Detective hat. :)

And so, at 4, Ethan:
*knows his sign letters A-M (not sure we'll ever use them, but that's ok)
*knows his colors in Spanish (and English of course).
*is practicing counting 1-20 with no errors (this is part of Kindergarten readiness screening)....right now we go from 13 to 18. :)
*is hysterically creative...I love listening to his imaginative play.
*loves Legos...big and small.
*still loves all things Toy Story.
*still enjoys watching Max & Ruby.
*says his favorite color is blue.
*is 40" tall
*weighs 44lbs

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

February already!!

*now that I look back, January FLEW by...some days though it actually seemed to drag by.
*i've been rather disenchanted w/work lately.
*on Monday, I really wanted to quit one of the after-school programs I work.
*some days I want to quit the whole entire job...especially on paydays. :(
*I need some sort of change...seriously.
*25 days to that (stupid) Princess 1/2 marathon I (stupidly) signed up for. 
*I weigh 5-6lbs more this year than I did when I ran it 2 years ago. not good.
*I am also working 5 days/week now & worked only 3 days/week when I ran it 2 yrs ago.
*that means I had a whole lot more time for training.
*that also means that I am grossly undertrained this time.
*I also DO NOT have a good friend running/walking with me this time. that stinks.
*I know the goal should really be just to finish.
*I am competitive by nature.
*that means I want to beat my 2010 time, even if by 10 seconds.
*the chances of that are slim and none.
*my longest training run for this race has been 4.86miles (lame!)
*in 2010, my longest training run was 7 miles. crap! I'm doomed.
*I also stupidly signed up for a 1/2 marathon here on 4.1.12
*when these two races are done...I don't think there will be any more in my future.
*i despise running these days.
*i ONLY run because it burns SO many calories in such a short time.
*time is something I have very little of.
*sadly, even w/running I am hardly losing any weight. wth?
*it's so hard to get to the gym if I'm going to run.
*it's SO easy to get there if I'm going to a yoga class.
*what a revelation!