Thursday, February 09, 2012

Ethan turns 4!!!!

I'm not sure where the time went...but somehow Ethan had his 4th birthday yesterday!!  There was no way I could get this post up yesterday, as much as I would have liked...but here a few iPhone pics from the day.

We were very much into Sheriff/Police-mode yesterday after O brought home a little policeman kit for Ethan.

Yes, the play handcuffs were part of the policeman kit.

This is the Detective hat. :)

And so, at 4, Ethan:
*knows his sign letters A-M (not sure we'll ever use them, but that's ok)
*knows his colors in Spanish (and English of course).
*is practicing counting 1-20 with no errors (this is part of Kindergarten readiness screening)....right now we go from 13 to 18. :)
*is hysterically creative...I love listening to his imaginative play.
*loves Legos...big and small.
*still loves all things Toy Story.
*still enjoys watching Max & Ruby.
*says his favorite color is blue.
*is 40" tall
*weighs 44lbs


lindsay said...

Cuter than ever! Happy Birthday lil' E!!

em said...

awesome! happy birthday! i cant believe it has been 4 years!