Sunday, February 19, 2012

Project Life 2012

Finally took the time to take pictures of my Project Life pages and get them posted here and on my Flickr account. I love being able to share them like this, but it's always such a hassle. :(

Week 3 - Left Side
So you can see how far behind I was in posting...this was the week we went to see Les Miserables (Jan 13). There's even a really "exciting" picture of my computer desk at work there.  O and I even had a date night - which was a bit of a fail with less than good service @ Bonefish, followed by a bunch of errands for his work. Not how I like to spend "date night" ...and there are so very few of them too.

Week 3 - Right Side

Obviously not a lot going on this week, except for the tornado that swept through Ethan's room...said tornado also named "Ethan"...go figure. There he is sporting some new PJs and he's enjoying watching shows on the iPad.

Week 4 - Left Side
This was the week I decided that I really love yoga and want to continue to practice it, therefore I headed out and bought my very own yoga mat as well as a pair of yoga pants. I stumbled upon that awesome quote by JK Rowling which I just HAD to include!!

Week 4 - Right Side
This was also the week where the cutest dog just walked right into school...he hung out with us for about 3 hours until the owners saw our posting on -where else- Facebook and came to pick him up. That was a fun afternoon. We cashed in Ethan's piggy bank this week...$55 big ones. That kid has more money in the bank than me. What's the deal with that? I just love the pic of my sleepy little guy...with our new bedding too...long overdue.

Week 5 - Left Side
Really struggled with this week's layout..primarily because I had few pictures and it was a rather routine/mundane, workout, home, repeat. Until Saturday did we have any activity and that was a birthday party for a girl in Ethan's class.

Week 5 - Right Side
I included a lot of advertising stuff I love, my heart-shaped ChickFila biscuit, the Etsy store where I purchased Ethan's 4th Birthday shirt as well as some tweets. Twitter is my go-to for space fillers. I love including those 140 character snippets. :)


em said...

I'm glad you commented on my blog because it reminded me that I needed to come here and comment on this! Was looking at it the other day but didn't's AWESOME. I love it so so much!!!!

*krystyn* said...

Thanks Em!! Wish I knew how to make it so that if you click on the pics, they get bigger...oh well!