Friday, July 30, 2010

Grim Outlook

As I prepare to start my new job next month, which just happens to be the lowest paying job of my professional life, I cannot help but think of all the things I will need to either save for or pay for.

1) School Loans...nope, not looking forward to this payment starting, but I will happy to be rid of them someday.

2) New Car Fund..since Ford is sucky and unable to determine what the hell is wrong with my car right now. I feel like it's days are numbered.

3) Divorce explanation needed.

With my life circumstances turning out the way they have...I may have to abandon this new profession at some point and go back to the former, should the economy ever recover enough for positions to appear in that field.

And so instead of being happy and excited to start a new job, I'm really just stressed and depressed about the whole scenario.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

moving forward

~I gave notice on Monday. It went much better than anticipated. I wish I could get back those 2 hours of sleep that I lost Sunday night. :)

~The plan is that today will be my last day...reason being that I had already requested next week off for vacationing to FL with Dad and E and since pay is done monthly at the university, it's best to just be done at the end of a month.

~I've been scrambling at work this week to get everything done I need to do. How funny...I spent the majority of past 1.5 years there bored to tears, but Summer time is REPORTING I'm number crunching the days away. It wouldn't be so bad if the data collection system they use wasn't so flippin' ridiculous. Every time I would take a step forward, I would end up taking at least two steps back due to some sort of wonderful glitch in the system. I think I'm finally on the homefront, but it's going to be tough to get everything done by end of the day Wednesday.

~If I have to come back in for a few hours next Friday, I suppose I could always do that, but I would rather not.

~Today I completed my application to GRADUATE! Woot!! Thankful for the friend/classmate who reminded me to do this...especially since the deadline is August 5th. I plan to stroll over and submit them today. The process of completing these documents almost drove me to tears. I cannot believe the end is in sight...5 years in the making!! Of course, I'll be stressed out until those Comprehensive Exams are done...I think they are week before Thanksgiving.

~Another bonus to the new job and having only my one (Internship) class on Thursday nights in the Fall...I only need to get an evening parking pass for school which will save me a small fortune. Woot!!

~I already have a mountain of stuff to take into my new office and I am SUPER excited to decorate it. I have some great inspirational signs/posters and am looking for a couple more to add to the mix. Did I mention I have two windows with a beautiful view? Oh my. So excited. So nervous too!

~Another tid bit about E that I forgot to add to my last post...he cracks me up...he is into asking who bought throughout the day it sounds like this "who bought this house?" "who bought this cookie?" "who bought the tv?" I think it's funny. Hee!

~So even though I've had WDW and vacation on the brain, I haven't packed a single thing....I guess that's because I'll have ALL DAY Thursday to do that since E and I will be home bound with no poor little Escape will be at the shop getting a new starter put in it...$300 later....*sad face*...but can't make a road trip to FL with a failing starter.

~OK, I guess that's will be a busy day today!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Ethan Update

As Ethan approaches 2.5 years in age, I felt the need to document some of the random things he does & says...including good & bad here goes.

~yells "NO" really loud when he doesn't get his way.

~is racking up some full blown body-on-the-floor in the mall...where mom ends up TOTALLY humiliated & swears she will not take her son in public again until he is at least 4 years old.

~randomly sings "twinkle twinkle little star" which totally melts my heart.

~is obsessed with asking what color everything (and everyone) is.

~is learning his colors in Spanish...woot!!

~ is talking in some pretty good size sentences, which continues to amaze me everyday!

~has arrived at the "I do it" stage...where he wants to do most everything on his own.

~is playing a lot of Toy Story & seems to like Buzz & Woody equally.

~loves playing in his newly filled sandbox & especially having mom build him some sandcastles.

~speaks pretty clearly with the exception of saying "fruit cup"...comes out "coop frup"

~must point out every UPS truck he spots...oh and when they come to our house...he is overjoyed.

~loves fire engines & especially the fact that we pass the fire station every morning.

Monday, July 12, 2010

current thoughts

~I am culinary(ily)-challenged...or in other words, I have very little knowledge of unique, different, or shall we say "upscale" foods...I would like to know for the pure sake of knowledge, not necessarily to try everything. It makes me feel stupid to not stupid that I won't even list some of the things I've seen/read on blogs etc & have no clue what they are. I wonder if they sell culinary dictionaries? Or I suppose I could Google it huh?

~I am obsessed with the idea of adding a sun room onto the back of my house. I owe this UNLIKELY-to-be-fulfilled obsession to my mother and her LOVELY screened in porch/deck (AKA sun room for those w/o a deck). It's fabulous and I told her I would live out there at any's fully decked out (no pun intended) with ceiling fans, decorative star lights and comfy furniture. If I had one @ my house it would truly be my 'escape' nice to a have a quiet space to go to.

~I should be getting my contract for the new gig this week. I'm getting a bit nervous for multiple reasons, but I'm also feeling odd in my current know, deceitful in a way...because I am basically pretending that I'll be here the rest of the going to the required meeting this morning to talk about the Fall...yeah, doesn't feel good. I'd much rather go to sleep tonight and wake up on August 11...then all the sticky stuff would be done & over with...but then I'd miss WDW too. Ack!

~I really wish Twitter & Blogging wasn't so addicting! I really want to quit Twitter....or at least cut down, which I'm actively pursuing...but frankly the issue is that I'm tired of reading about the FABULOUS lives of others when I feel that mine is SO sub-par (in my eyes). Sure there are some good things in my life...but honestly they pale in comparison to some of the stuff I've been seeing out there...and while I think some people embellish their Tweets & blog posts...I don't believe that happens ALL.THE.TIME.

~Oh and I do not like the new Blogger.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010


~I am obsessed really enjoying playing Words with if you have the iPhone and want to play, send me a message and I'll let you know my username so we can play!

~It is unlikely that I meet my "read 30 books over the summer" goal but that's's still a nice goal. I just started book #12 last night and I have 5 weeks left of "summer" basically I'm half way through the summer, but not 1/2 way through my challenge.

~The WDW Princess 1/2 marathon registration opened today. I am not in a place where I can safely sign up for it right now. *sad face*

~As my mini-vacation to FL with dad & Ethan mind is 100% consumed with all things Disney...I cannot focus on ANYTHING else right now. Wish we could head down there today.

~I am happy that I have only 7 work days left until I am FL bound. I am especially happy that I only have 1 more work day this week. Woot!

~I already bought a new planner for my new job...I hope that doesn't jinx anything. Eeks!!

~I want to take things home in my current office, but I can't do that yet.

~Thinking about applying for the design team at my local scrapbook store, but also worried that I may not be able to meet the commitments with it being my last semester of grad school AND starting a new job.

Monday, July 05, 2010

month in review

During the month of June I decided to track some numbers on my workout activity, as well as other random things. Here are the results, some of which I'm happy with, others not so much!!

Crunches: 2350

Push Ups: 186

Miles Ran: 28 (embarrassingly low!!!---May was 27, so at least I'm consistent) :)

Photos Taken: 102

Books Read: 5

Pages Read: 1564

Pounds Lost/Gain: +1.2 ugh!

Observation: maybe I should read less & run more...

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Good News

I went for my 2nd interview today.

I was all nervous, more so than I have been for previous interviews.

I first met with the guy I interviewed with initially as we were waiting on the principal.

The interview ended up being a pretty casual conversation and I was offered the job right then and there.

I spent more time filling out paperwork than really interviewing.

I almost cried when they said they were offering me the job!!

This also means I graduate in December instead of next May!! Woohoo! On the downside (only a little), I will have to take TWO HUGE tests this semester as part of graduation requirements. Once that is done, it will be smooth sailing.

There are many other PLUSES to this and I am greatly relieved it is working out, it will certainly ease some of my everyday stressors.

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