Monday, July 12, 2010

current thoughts

~I am culinary(ily)-challenged...or in other words, I have very little knowledge of unique, different, or shall we say "upscale" foods...I would like to know for the pure sake of knowledge, not necessarily to try everything. It makes me feel stupid to not stupid that I won't even list some of the things I've seen/read on blogs etc & have no clue what they are. I wonder if they sell culinary dictionaries? Or I suppose I could Google it huh?

~I am obsessed with the idea of adding a sun room onto the back of my house. I owe this UNLIKELY-to-be-fulfilled obsession to my mother and her LOVELY screened in porch/deck (AKA sun room for those w/o a deck). It's fabulous and I told her I would live out there at any's fully decked out (no pun intended) with ceiling fans, decorative star lights and comfy furniture. If I had one @ my house it would truly be my 'escape' nice to a have a quiet space to go to.

~I should be getting my contract for the new gig this week. I'm getting a bit nervous for multiple reasons, but I'm also feeling odd in my current know, deceitful in a way...because I am basically pretending that I'll be here the rest of the going to the required meeting this morning to talk about the Fall...yeah, doesn't feel good. I'd much rather go to sleep tonight and wake up on August 11...then all the sticky stuff would be done & over with...but then I'd miss WDW too. Ack!

~I really wish Twitter & Blogging wasn't so addicting! I really want to quit Twitter....or at least cut down, which I'm actively pursuing...but frankly the issue is that I'm tired of reading about the FABULOUS lives of others when I feel that mine is SO sub-par (in my eyes). Sure there are some good things in my life...but honestly they pale in comparison to some of the stuff I've been seeing out there...and while I think some people embellish their Tweets & blog posts...I don't believe that happens ALL.THE.TIME.

~Oh and I do not like the new Blogger.


Travel & Dive Girl said...

Don't feel bad - I'm culinary challenged as well...and I do Google it without shame.

I dislike the new Blogger as well...very frustrating to say to least.

Levonne said...

Try one, or learn about one, new culinary thing each week. In a year, that will grow your vocabulary by 50+. I also wish the internet social websites weren't so addicting. I was thinking this morning about detoxing for a few days by being abstinent from them.

Anonymous said...

I want a sun room too! I need to enter to be on a design show. I just want to move the stupid gym equipment into it, instead of having it all in the living room.

emilysuze said...

If you figure out an amazing way to add a sun room to your house, feel free to come out here and make one for me. :)

Am also with you on being tired of reading about how amazing everyone else is living. Of course, I am going to Chicago and Australia this year, so I guess I shouldn't complain too much.

em said...

That is why I don't do twitter much anymore. I have way too many internet "things" that I do. Need to cut back!!

BeeOhVee said...

good luck with the twitter thing.

Not sure if it's available online BUT "The Joy of Cooking" is a great book to have (even though it's a big book). It has recipies gallore but it also sort of serves as an encyclopedia for terms and techniques.

Also, try checking out Alton Brown's "Good Eats" program on Food Network. He breaks down some seemingly complex cooking techniques and terms and makes them easy, plus he explains the whys and hows.

Good luck.

Megan said...

I'm challenged in the now I'm wondering what you've heard of that I don't know about either.

I stopped the Twitter thing. I kinda got obsessed with it and it was distracting me too much throughout the day. I kinda miss it though. Maybe I'll try it again.

mydebtcomeback said...

your blog looks so nice!
also, do you have an issue with your twitter feeds going down a lot and it doesn't show your updates on your blog? thanks!

K13 said...

mydebtcomeback: thank you. no, i haven't noticed that problem with the twitter feeds.

mydebtcomeback said...

ok thanks! yea for some weird reason my twitter feeds weren't appearing on my other blog and realized i was having the same problem with ALL blogs including twitter lol. i restarted my computer and it's all fixed now. :)

i can tell that you have such great attention to detail and you have so many awesome widgets.

Teena in Toronto said...

I Twittered for a week a couple years ago and found it to be too much work.

Happy blogoversary :)