Monday, July 05, 2010

month in review

During the month of June I decided to track some numbers on my workout activity, as well as other random things. Here are the results, some of which I'm happy with, others not so much!!

Crunches: 2350

Push Ups: 186

Miles Ran: 28 (embarrassingly low!!!---May was 27, so at least I'm consistent) :)

Photos Taken: 102

Books Read: 5

Pages Read: 1564

Pounds Lost/Gain: +1.2 ugh!

Observation: maybe I should read less & run more...


Sarah Ann said...

wow! you're awesome!!

lindsay said...

dang girl! i need your crunch-persistence!! you do in 1 month what i do in like 3 :)

Ruthie C Jones said...

Whoa! Showing stats like this sure gives daily life a new perspective. So cool!