Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I Want Wednesday

I want: to know why it used to be so easy to come up with things to blog about and now I have next to nothing. Mmm...strange.

I want: this remote control for my camera. It sure would have been nice to have this week for my Week in the Life pictures!! Next year!

I want: to know why Firefox has developed an attitude with Blogger and other totally random websites and simply will not open them up. I've had to regress back to IE to create this post. Ack!

I want: to thank all those who sent up some prayers on Tuesday at 12:30pm EST for O's "day in court" went well, so very, very well, almost "too good to be true" well. We are happy with the outcome. Finally.

I want: these super cute bamboo MickeyMouse coasters...for my screened in patio, which hasn't been built yet. (BIG SAD FACE HERE!)

I want: this printer stand. I need more flat (vs. upright) space for paper items and this would give me a perfect little "shelf" for my printer paper.

I want: it to be 7:30pm so I can go home after what will be a long 12 hour workday due to working at our Book Fair Family Night, which is lots of fun, but I'd still rather be vegging on the couch with E.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

addiction or obsession?

Soooo many scrapbook classes - Sooooo little time!!

All along I've been saying "NO" to participating in Ali's "Week in the Life" project.  I tried it back in 2008 and couldn't even complete it then - when I STAYED AT HOME with Ethan...pathetic really. 

Well, now as it approaches, the tweets are in full force about WITL, Ali's blog is full of WITL goodness...I caved and am going to make a mad effort to do this. 

I even ran out today after work (fun!) to Staples (my new favorite store) and got the cutest teal blue mini binder (5.5x8.5) and page inserts so I am just about ready to go. Weeeee!!

As if that wasn't enough, I was perusing Flickr today and came across some posts from the 2nd round of "30 lists in 30 days"...I declined to participate because well, either I'm cheap or I think they were "price gouging" see, the first round back in September was $6.00...ok, no biggie....but still, I was paying for a simple list of 30 "prompts"...$6.00 is a bit high I suppose. Well, when I saw that they raised it for the March class, I refused...even if they may have only raised it to $8.00....again, I'm feeling that paying $8.00 for a (silly?) list of prompts is crazy.  So you can imagine my JOY when I discovered ALL 30 of them on Flickr today - weee!!  I'll be putting together this fun little album during the month of May. Yay!!!

Tuesday, April 03, 2012


*i ran my 3rd half marathon on Sunday. I am still hurting today. It had some crazy hills and they kicked my boo-tay!!

*but Ifinished the race AND took a whopping 14 seconds off my best time for a new PR. I'm still shocked by this because I walked ALOT during this race.

*part of me wishes I was running the Country Music Half Marathon on 4.28 and another part of me is glad that I am not. meh.

*so glad that our Spring Break is finally just about HERE!! March was a long (and painful) month.

*yes, we may be spoiled (at work) with usually a day or half day off for some reason or another just about every month. March was a month of NO breaks AND included a full week of standardized testing.

*Thursday is early dismissal. Woot. Best part is that I'll get out just as E is going down for a nap so that means a few relaxing hours of reading time at Starbucks probably...or maybe I should treat myself to a massage. Decisions!

*We have a full, but relaxing & fun week planned for Spring Break. Ethan has a birthday party for a friend, E's 4-year check up (a bit late) and a trip to Nashville to the zoo and hopefully a meal at Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville! Woohoo!!