Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I Want Wednesday

I want: to know why it used to be so easy to come up with things to blog about and now I have next to nothing. Mmm...strange.

I want: this remote control for my camera. It sure would have been nice to have this week for my Week in the Life pictures!! Next year!

I want: to know why Firefox has developed an attitude with Blogger and other totally random websites and simply will not open them up. I've had to regress back to IE to create this post. Ack!

I want: to thank all those who sent up some prayers on Tuesday at 12:30pm EST for O's "day in court" went well, so very, very well, almost "too good to be true" well. We are happy with the outcome. Finally.

I want: these super cute bamboo MickeyMouse coasters...for my screened in patio, which hasn't been built yet. (BIG SAD FACE HERE!)

I want: this printer stand. I need more flat (vs. upright) space for paper items and this would give me a perfect little "shelf" for my printer paper.

I want: it to be 7:30pm so I can go home after what will be a long 12 hour workday due to working at our Book Fair Family Night, which is lots of fun, but I'd still rather be vegging on the couch with E.


~**Dawn**~ said...

I stopped using Firefox about 6 months ago because it got too buggy. I switched to Chrome & never looked back.

Anonymous said...

Wait, I did not know about the court date. Did you have a random FB post "I could use some prayers for something I can't say". Maybe I remember that. Otherwise I feel out of the loop.

lindsay said...

I'm on chrome too. Even took my work computer home to download chrome on it (downloads blocked at work) so that I don't have to use IE a work. Shudder.