Friday, May 04, 2012

weekend plans

Really happy that the ONLY thing on the official agenda this weekend is Ethan's teeball game on Saturday morning.

After that, my weekend should contain a whole lotta scrapbooking...I really want to finish my Week In The Life album and I'm pretty close to done, so that should happen. Yay! I hope to take pictures of the finished product and get them posted as well.

Because of Week In The Life, I'm now behind on my Project Life pages (of course!), so I'll switch over and hopefully get caught up there. One slight problem though is after taking a bazillion pictures last week for WITL, I've taken very few this week. Oops!!

I will be including this awesome sticker I received at ChickFila this morning though - when I might have ordered a chocolate chunk cookie for breakfast. :) Breakfast of champions, you know!

If I manage to get caught up on both of those projects, I'll then proceed to my 30 lists in 30 days that I was planning to do this month. And which I have not even started on besides selecting a few papers to include in it. Oops!

Oh yeah, and then there's my One Little Word project....yikes!!

And I took advantage of Ali's sale and purchased her FIVE workshop for only $10 the other day. Would love to start on that, but definitely have to get some of these others out of the way first!
So much to do. So little time.

What's on your weekend agenda?


~**Dawn**~ said...

If you can't have a cookie for breakfast every now & again, I don't know what purpose being an adult even serves!

I am doing nothing this weekend, other than a little housework, church & some grocery shopping. The rest of my weekend, I will be relaxing in an effort to make it through next week & FINALLY get to my long-awaited long weekend.

Sarah said...

Argh! I am so jealous by how much scrapping you get to do! I just never seem to have time or always have to spend my time on something else. I feel like I could work on them for 2 months straight and still not get caught up! Good for you though!

*krystyn* said...

Oh Sarah-don't worry, I won't get all that done or even close. This is wishful thinking. I have laundry and all those oh so fun household duties to do. I'll sure try though!!