Friday, May 11, 2012


*i've been trying to scrounge up something to blog about all day...apparently my life is just *that* boring, I couldn't come up with a it will just have to be some Friday randomness.

*this cast on my leg/foot is driving me next to nuts. I never thought it would bother me so much, but I'm over it and it's only day #3. 18 more to go!! Lord, give me strength.

*Fun day planned on Saturday with mom and Ethan. Wish I didn't have this cast on though.

*Sunday is church and breakfast with Mom, O, myself and Ethan. Mini-Mother's Day celebration.

*9.5 days of school left (with kids). Then 3 days without. :)

*Looking SO forward to WDW in just 22ish days with my little man. It'll be just the two of us roaming the park this time. So fun!

*Have a good weekend!!

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Travel & Dive Girl said...

On the bright least your cast will be off in time for WDW!

Have a great Mother's Day!!!