Friday, May 18, 2012

TGIF!!! Woohoo!!

So glad it's Friday!!

Except for the longer line at ChickFila in the morning. :)

Should be fairly uneventful day at work - that's always good.

It's Parents Night Out at the Y tonight so E will be hanging out there from 6-9pm.

He loves it there - thank goodness.

O and I will NOT be doing anything exciting (of course) but rather, running some errands that are just a lot easier without the little man in tow. Ho hum!!

And now you are probably onto the next blog since this one is so boring. Ha!

Saturday will be filled with drama as I attend our annual HOA meeting. It's always great for people watching. They will also have pirate-themed activities for the little ones, so E will love that.

When that ends, I'll be bound for the scrapbook store for the remainder of the day. Yes, folks, I will actually be attending a crop...truly a miracle. How did this happen you ask...well let's just say that I totally saved O's behind at work the other day and told him he owed me BIG TIME and that I'd be going to the crop. 'Nuff said. His answer: "ok"  He knew better than to fight me on that. Ha!

Sunday will hopefully be a day of rest. As it should.

Hope your weekend is fabulous!!

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