Tuesday, May 15, 2012

too much

Last night I counted up how many scrapbook projects I currently have "in progress".

-Project Life -ongoing through 2012

-One Little Word -ongoing through 2012, but only on a monthly basis vs. weekly with PL

-2011 Summer Mini-yep, pretty far behind on this one. Would really like to finish before this summer though.

-2012 Summer Mini - still an idea in my head. Have some supplies but haven't put anything together yet. Haven't decided on the format I want to use.

-52 Lists in 52 Weeks - we are on Week 50. Thank goodness. I've loved this project but am also ready to have less "things" to keep up with. And a sense of completion & accomplishment is ALWAYS good!!

-30 Lists in 30 Days - I did this in September 2011 and this second version actually ran in March but I didn't do it then, so have started it in May. I'm already at least a week behind. *sigh*

-Ali's "5" Album self-paced workshop - I've taken a couple steps towards starting this one.

-And then there is the random mini-albums and 1/2 completed scrapbook pages tucked away on/in my desk waiting their completion. There's no telling how many of them there area.

-And should my scrapbooking camp come to fruition here at school, then I'll have 3 other little minis to put together as well as a layout of some sort. Eeks!!

-I think I need to cut back. but i can't. i think this is what addiction looks like. :-/

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Señorita Andalucíana said...

WOW! I thought I was busy! Well I hope you get everything done! I know that it's hard with a little one around, my sister would love to do more than she does but the little one is not as cooperative as she'd like :) Good luck!