Monday, June 30, 2008


~Well, I hate to admit it...but I'm bored. There is absolutely NOTHING in this town for E and I to do during the day. We can only go walk around the mall so much and I have NO desire to go back there for a long while.

~I am basically 'caught-up' on scrapbooking...I finished my "Happiness is_____" kit as well as my "I love _____" kit -both by Kristina Contes. You may want to check out the "I love____" pictures as I dedicated a page to my blogging friends. :-) (for those of you who didn't send me a pic, I hunted one there!)

~I'm also finished with this past week's Paper Adventure assignment and am waiting for the new one tomorrow.

~It's times like these when I desperately wish I lived in Chicago or NYC and I could put E in the stroller and away we would go...walking for miles, taking tons of pics and just having fun enjoying the outside air...not to mention, the amazing people-watching!!! My most favorite activity EVER!!

~So if you have any suggestions on how to occupy my time during the day...please let me know...and the cheaper the activity, the better.

Friday, June 27, 2008


~I'm pretty sure they put subliminal messaging in the SATC movie that makes you want more...I wanted to see it again before it was even over.

~SATC is like crack for the female species...I'm addicted (and have been for some time).

~Talk about perfect timing...last night while up with E...the re-run episode was "A Girl in Paris: Part 1"...guess what's on @ 12:30am tonight/Sat a.m....yep, Part Deux!!! I hope E wakes me up in time....


P.S. I love Mr. Big...always have, always will.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

~update, per request~

I haven't updated because frankly, there's nothing to update you on...I'll try to scrape up a few things...let's see...

~E had his 4 month check up [& shots] on Tuesday. His stats are: 44.3 Head Circumference (88%); 18.3 lbs (91%); 26.25 inches (81%)....turns out he's a pretty big boy, not fat, just big. I've been told I must have powerful breastmilk - LOL!! (tmi?)

~Mom and I are finally going to see SATC on Friday...what a relief. I didn't think we'd be able to make it because little Mr. E has well, become a bit 'picky' about having his mom around. We are going to a 5pm showing so that way I won't miss a feeding - did I mention he refuses to take a bottle now that I'm home everyday - we have just begun spoon feeding him cereal, which is hilarious...and messy.

~There are no updates w/me really, heck, all of my days are the same and 1/2 the time I don't even know what day we are on. I totally had to ask/verify with O what day it was yesterday. bad is that?

~There are no mom/playgroups around here that I've found...I think they are more prevalent during the school year vs. summer time due to vacations etc. There seem to only be "Mom's Day Out" type things and well, I don't really need a day out since I have no job and as a result no money to go OUT and do anything. So here we are on day 2 of not going anywhere...good way to save on gas and keep low mileage on the car though. :-)

~Same status w/the lawsuit - the letter is out - they have 10 business days to respond which technically puts us @ July thinks they'll contact us quickly, in fact he thought they'd contact us this week, but I have not heard anything yet.

~A little computer excitement...I'm getting an additional 2G of RAM put in my PC - thank goodness for that as I don't really have enough space to run Photoshop and I want to upgrade to Office 2007 (anyone have the CD and want to 'loan' it to me?) - I'm in the stoneages with Office 2003. There is a great little group here in town called "Geeks for Less" - they will be helping me out. I'm hoping the RAM comes in today or Friday and the geek can make it over to install on Friday. It will be like having a whole new PC. Yay! By the way, the 'geek' is totally not geeky - in fact, he's HOT - totally did not fit the mold or the expectation I had...too funny.

~When E is sleeping or sitting on my lap, I spend gross amounts of time on Flickr...totally addicted and constantly seeking scrapbook inspiration.

~It was a rough night last night...not sure what the deal was, but E decided to wake up at 11:30pm, 12:30am, 1:30am and 2:40am....then again @ 6am....needless to say, I'm feeling a bit sleep deprived today. Is it naptime yet?

~Well, that's it.

Friday, June 20, 2008

~nothing really~

~i've got nothing much to report on, hence I haven't been bloggin' much...oh and not to mention that my readership has plummeted to maybe 2 people...on a busy what's the point?!?!

~so for anyone who may be unbelievably bored and stopped by this near-abandoned blog....well, it's finally Friday, although for the last 4 wks that hasn't meant much to me. All the days are the same. LOL!

~the letter FINALLY went out to the company for the's underway.

~my [not-so-lovely] former mgr @ SBUX never responded to me about coming back to work a few hrs there...I was/am annoyed as I find it VERY unprofessional...I am on good-standing there so I was wondering what the deal was...I found out...her girlfriend dumped her and apparently she's uber-depressed about it and apparently cannot manage her work & personal life right now. I have since decided I'm probably better off not working there anyway.

~on a little bit brighter note...I noticed a new coffee shop going in down the street. It's called Bear Creek Coffee...they are all over the midwest from what I saw on their website. I may look into applying there eventually...I have a 'thing' for coffee shops and yet, I don't drink coffee. Strange, I know. :-)

~no plans for the weekend.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

~see, I KNEW I was realistic, not pessimistic~

You Are a Little Negative...

You can be negative from time to time, but you rarely go overboard.

You have a realistic view of the world, and most people appreciate your honest insights.

Like everyone else, you have your darker moods.

But when you're feeling super negative, you keep your feelings to yourself.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

~catching up~

So I just got one of these wonderful anti-gravity lounge chairs for the backyard...can someone please give me a lesson on getting in and out of it...I managed today but I must admit that I did fall completely backwards in it -my back taking the brunt of the fall - thank goodness I didn't hit my head - it would have hurt..BAD. Also, when I was falling, it felt like I was totally going in slow-motion...not fun when you know pain is coming.

Tomorrow I'm taking a 1/2 day 'mommy's day out' like deal....E is going to Linda's house for a few hours while I run a bunch of errands that are just plain easier to do getting the oil changed on my car, since it's 2 wks overdue.

I also remembered that I have a credit @ the local massage spa and so I will pitch in the remainder and enjoy a 1 hour massage tomorrow afternoon...believe me, it's desperately needed as I twisted a muscle along my spine picking up E yesterday morning/middle of the night...ouch.

There will be a couple of other stops in there but nothing too exciting...

Mom and I are hanging out on Friday, with E, not sure what we are going to do yet...going to the mall here is getting old. There is a new scrap store nearby so maybe we'll drive over and check it out, although I need nothing, my mom may find something she'd like. We can also have lunch over there as there are some nice little places nearby. We'll see.

Still no job prospects out there, although I've applied for quite a bit...does wonders for the self-confidence, let me tell you.

The lawsuit is moving forward, slower than originally mentioned, but at least it's in progress. Looks quite promising.

And here we are taking a break from working on the computer together...

Saturday, June 07, 2008

~a whole lot of questions & answers~

I loved reading this survey on Dawn's blog and so I felt the strong urge to swipe it and do it was fun...give it a try!!

1. Name something you have in common with all of your siblings?
nothing - I have NO siblings.

2. Do you fold your underwear?
I fold it and then roll's what my mom taught me.

3. Do you like to drink the juice out of freeze pops?
I'm sure I did when I was a kid, can't say I've done it lately though.

4. Who is the last person you wrote a letter to on paper?
does typing it count? I sent a 'written' letter to Father Daniel, one of the priests in Mexico where I lived for a's the only way to communicate with anyone there really.

5. What was your first real job?
washing dogs in a dog grooming shop - I loved it!!! I'd love to go back to those days...

6. Aside from Driver's Ed, who really taught you how to drive?
My mom.

7. Wanna taste?
depends on what it is.

8. What's the one thing you love/miss about your Grandma's cooking?
Wow, I don't even know where to start with this one, I loved all of her cooking, so much so that after every meal I would stumble to the couch and lay down because I was so full. She would then say "only pigs sleep after they eat" and I would respond with a grunt. LOL!! Those were the days!!

9. What color is your favorite hoodie?
a blue one with stripes down the sleeves from Eddie Bauer.

10. Who was like your second Mom or second Dad?
For a while a neighbor across the street, I babysat for her kids all the time. Unfortunately, she turned out to be a bit 'unstable' and they divorced, moved and we lost touch. Sadly, I learned that she recently passed away from an aneurysm (sp?) - she was only 45 or so. Sad, very sad.

11. Name a sound that disturbs you?
loud, disgusting burps, specifically Oscar's burps...and he knows it and still does it just to annoy the crap outta me. :-) Aaahhh....married life!

12. What's your typical ice cream order at Dairy Queen?
I haven't gone to DQ enough to have a typical order, but I'd probably just go for chocolate ice cream cone dipped in chocolate. Yum!

13. What comes to mind when I say cabbage?
the stuffed variety that my dad just made for me.

14. What did you do today?
So far, woke up, ran 1 mile, 50 crunches, had breakfast, changed 2-3 diapers, fed E, played with E, checked my email, looked @ pics from E's photo shoot and baptism FINALLY put on-line, tried extensively to get E to take a nap, watched CMT for a bit, worked on this survey.

15. Are you emotional?
probably more than I should be, but sometimes I just can't help it.

16. Have you ever had the same dream more than once?
Sure - teeth falling out, walking in public naked - etc. You know...all those 'typical' dreams. They actually have meaning too, but I'm not sure what it is.

17. Name a song that makes you happy?
"Happy Ending" by Sugarland

18. Do you use chap stick?
once in a while.

19. If you were in an emergency situation and you had to deliver a baby, could you?
I'd like to think I could, but then I'm not a big fan of the sight of other people's blood, so hard to say if I would be successful or not.

20. What was the most recent thing you bought?
swim diapers and a bathing suit for E.

21. What is on your refrigerator door?
a ton of NEATLY arranged magnets and pictures.

22. Name something you have to do tomorrow?

23. What was the last movie you watched? it's entirety? I'd have to go back to pre-baby for that and frankly, I cannot recall...maybe P.S. I Love You??

24. Do any of your friends have children?
yes, some.

25. Do you prefer regular or chocolate milk?
Ohhh - I LOVE chocolate milk but I don't drink it because it's crazy fattening.

26. When was the last time you had Starbucks?
Probably a couple wks ago now...trying not to stop there too more discount and trying to avoid caffeine.

27. Can you whistle?
yes, but not very good.

28. Do you have a trampoline at your house?

29. What movie do you know every line to?
The Breakfast Club

30. Would you ever want to swim with the sharks?
Dolphins, yes. Sharks, no.

31. Do you know how to do a cart-wheel?
nope. i've never been able to do one.

32. Do you maintain any friendships originating from elementary school?
Yes, my friend Laura in Michigan.

33. What're you wearing?
Workout shorts & tshirt - just finishing a brief workout/run.

34. What was the last thing you ate?
South Beach Mixed Berry Granola Bar -yum!! And only 2 WW points.

35. When was the last time you did the dishes?
this morning! I do them everyday now that I'm an unemployed stay @ home mom...that is officially my job now I suppose.

36. Do you own any band t-shirts?
just one, from my cousin's band, Silence After Sundown.

37. Last song you sang out loud?
"Realize" by Colbie Caillat -the video on was VH1 countdown, I sang along.

38. When was the last time you slept on the floor?
Oh heck if I know.

What happened to #39???

40. Would you chew gum that's already been chewed?
No thank you.

41. Who have you talked to today?
Oscar and Ethan.

42. What comes to your mind when I say pumpkins?

43. How old are you?
I am 36...ugh.

44. What is your background on your computer?

45. Do you wish on 11:11 PM?
didn't know I was supposed to.

46. Good advice if you ever go camping?
Don't go!

47. Besides your mouth, where is your favorite spot to get kissed?
Ew, who needs to know this?

48. Were you happy when you woke up today?
I suppose so.

49. How about now?
about the same

50. Would you rather have chicken or steak?
Chicken almost all the time, not a big fan of steak really.

51. How many of your friends have seen you naked?

52. What were you doing at 10 am?
working on this survey & taking care of E.

53. Are you different now than you were six months ago?
OMG, yes, in many ways, for one I weight ALOT less. :-)

54. What was the last beverage you spilled on yourself?
I cannot remember, but I've been drooled on a lot lately, does that count?

55. Who was the last person to text you?
My friend Nicole from SBUX.

56. Who was the last person to call you?

57. What month is your birthday in?

58. Can you live a day without tv?
Probably so, I don't watch it much these days anyway.

59. When was the last time you saw your dad?
May 25, when we baptized Ethan.

60. How many houses have you lived in?
5 if we are talking houses only, not counting the gazillion apartments I've lived in.

61. How many city/towns have you lived in?
8, I think.

62. Do you prefer shoes, socks, or bare feet?
Usually barefeet, unless it's winter time.

63. What is your favorite color?
royal blue

64. What are you doing for your next birthday?
probably just going out to dinner...not too exciting. Some sort of surprise would be nice, but hell would freeze over before anyone over here came up with a plan to surprise me with anything unique. Heck, Christmas presents aren't even a freakin' surprise...oh sorry, struck a nerve I guess. Don't ask me about my 1st Mother's Day either...

65. What are you thinking about right now?
that I need to shower but E has decided he doesn't *need* his nap this morning and so I have not been able to get cleaned up yet today.

66. Any plans for the weekend?
Going over to Linda's house for a BBQ this afternoon. Sunday is IHOP and Church.

67. What were you doing at 12 last night?
I was sitting on the couch feeding Ethan and watching Letterman.

68. Do you smile a lot?
nope, not a lot...people are always giving me crap about it too.

69. Have you ever had a life-threatening injury?

70. Do you like flying or driving?
My preference is flying for sure.

71. Do you know how to drive a stick shift?
Not really, I could do it in the case of an emergency, but it would NOT be a smooth ride.

72. Do you wear any jewelry daily?
Yes, earrings, ring, watch, bracelet & necklace.

73. What is your ringtone?
"Be As You Are" by Kenny Chesney

74. Skim, 1%, 2%, or whole milk?
2% normally, don't like any less than that.

75. What time did you go to sleep last night?
11pm, but then I was up at 12am and 3:30am and then up at 7am for good.

Friday, June 06, 2008


~I must be an extremist...

~We are planning to go for Thai food tonight. I've been wanting to go since E was born. I ate Thai once when I was PG and paid dearly for it, hence not having returned since. Anyway, as much as I want to go, I'm in this frame of mind where we shouldn't spend a single penny on anything that isn't necessary, nor should we eat out. I really want to go and enjoy myself and O is all for taking me, so we'll probably go, but I cannot help but feel consumed by guilt - since I'm not bringing in a single penny right now.

~No calls for a job interview in the past two weeks. Makes me feel worthless. Starting to worry...

~I also called my SBUX mgr yesterday...she hasn't called me back...nice...that's comforting. Heck, SBUX is making huge cuts and some layoffs @ the corporate level, I'm sure it trickels down to the stores, maybe she doesn't have room for me...ugh!

~I could really use some good news...

Thursday, June 05, 2008


~I was talking with a former co-worker last night about the loveliness that has been my life over the past 2 months...she informed me that I could possibly sue Lenovo for Promissory Estoppel...interesting!!

~As a result, I spent today calling a couple of Employment Lawyers to see if I may have a case or not. I should find out something tomorrow. I've never sued anyone or been sued...heck, I've never even been in a courtroom...this could be interesting if it becomes a case worth pursuing.

~Apparently a guy in CA filed a similar suit and won, so maybe I have hope...

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Sunday, June 01, 2008

~a bunch of nothing really~

~It's been a pretty uneventful weekend overall...this morning we ran up to the mall as O "needed" to get a couple things, I didn't get anything. I was also just @ the mall on Friday with my mom - where again I left empty-handed. Note to self: going to mall twice within 3 days to 'window-shop' is not much fun.

~Been having serious thoughts about heading back to SBUX at least on a temporary basis...I suppose a little money coming in would be better than nothing. I would work maybe 2-3 nights/wk and as many hours on Sunday as possible since that's the only day that O is home all day. It would stink losing out on time with E, but since I'm home all week with him, I guess that's just how it'll have to be....for now. Another bonus of course would be if I worked 20+ hrs, I would get the health benefits again and someone told me that they start right away for re-hires...have to verify that. If it's true, it would be awesome and it would save $253/month. Once I find a 'real' job, then I would likely just continue at SBUX on Sundays...otherwise I don't think they'll take me back...if they think I would just jump ship when I get another job.

~Here is the blog of the gal who took the Baptism pics for us last Sunday. She put up 2 pics as a 'sneak peek' (ha, I just typed 'sneak pee' LOL)....anyway, I cannot wait o see all of them, I guess she has been editing them in Photoshop all week. Hopefully I'll see them this week. She also did a private photoshoot @ the house 2 wks ago and I have yet to see those too - cannot.wait!

~I applied for a few jobs I found on-line last night. Here's hoping I at least get a phone call. Gee whiz. I've never felt more unsuccessful and like such a seems like I'm surrounded by people who've had extensive job stability for years on end and while I had a steady job 'til November of last was a measly 'contract' job. Why is it so freakin' difficult to get a regular 'ol job as a regular 'ol employee with regular 'ol benefits, vacation time, sick time etc....heck am I asking too much? I really don't think so. In past employment, I've received positive reviews, been told I'm efficient, responsive to my customers/hiring managers and even received a few monetary rewards...but apparently I'm not good enough to be hired on as an employee anywhere. I hate this!!! I guess I should have majored in something else...shoulda, woulda, coulda...seems to be my mantra these days. Hindsight is 20/20.

~In other news, I'm trying to get caught up on my Paper Adventure of the few scrappin' projects I'm working on. I'm about 4 weeks behind right now.

~I'm getting back to reading - finally - almost done with 'Something Blue' by Emily Giffin. Next up 'Baby Proof" - also by Emily Giffin. That will be followed by 'Love the One You're With' - the last one in her series.

~Tomorrow's scheduled excitement so far: a trip to the PO and the Recycling Center...that's about it.