Tuesday, June 17, 2008

~catching up~

So I just got one of these wonderful anti-gravity lounge chairs for the backyard...can someone please give me a lesson on getting in and out of it...I managed today but I must admit that I did fall completely backwards in it -my back taking the brunt of the fall - thank goodness I didn't hit my head - it would have hurt..BAD. Also, when I was falling, it felt like I was totally going in slow-motion...not fun when you know pain is coming.

Tomorrow I'm taking a 1/2 day 'mommy's day out' like deal....E is going to Linda's house for a few hours while I run a bunch of errands that are just plain easier to do alone...like getting the oil changed on my car, since it's 2 wks overdue.

I also remembered that I have a credit @ the local massage spa and so I will pitch in the remainder and enjoy a 1 hour massage tomorrow afternoon...believe me, it's desperately needed as I twisted a muscle along my spine picking up E yesterday morning/middle of the night...ouch.

There will be a couple of other stops in there but nothing too exciting...

Mom and I are hanging out on Friday, with E, not sure what we are going to do yet...going to the mall here is getting old. There is a new scrap store nearby so maybe we'll drive over and check it out, although I need nothing, my mom may find something she'd like. We can also have lunch over there as there are some nice little places nearby. We'll see.

Still no job prospects out there, although I've applied for quite a bit...does wonders for the self-confidence, let me tell you.

The lawsuit is moving forward, slower than originally mentioned, but at least it's in progress. Looks quite promising.

And here we are taking a break from working on the computer together...