Monday, June 30, 2008


~Well, I hate to admit it...but I'm bored. There is absolutely NOTHING in this town for E and I to do during the day. We can only go walk around the mall so much and I have NO desire to go back there for a long while.

~I am basically 'caught-up' on scrapbooking...I finished my "Happiness is_____" kit as well as my "I love _____" kit -both by Kristina Contes. You may want to check out the "I love____" pictures as I dedicated a page to my blogging friends. :-) (for those of you who didn't send me a pic, I hunted one there!)

~I'm also finished with this past week's Paper Adventure assignment and am waiting for the new one tomorrow.

~It's times like these when I desperately wish I lived in Chicago or NYC and I could put E in the stroller and away we would go...walking for miles, taking tons of pics and just having fun enjoying the outside air...not to mention, the amazing people-watching!!! My most favorite activity EVER!!

~So if you have any suggestions on how to occupy my time during the day...please let me know...and the cheaper the activity, the better.


Chele76 said...

You're book came out great!!! I can hardly wait to get back into the Scrapbooking grove!

Now that kitty is here, I am determined to get my bedroom done asap, which means I will be able to scrapbook again! :D

(and get a kitty condo! lol)

Nichole M said...

I *love* your mini "I love" album! It was a kit? I have the same photo log stamp; it's one of my favorites (eveen though it's not SU!). Dear lord where did you find a picture of me in a freaking sombrero?

Mary said...

glad you found a pic - somehow your email got to my spam (???) so I never saw it til I was cleaning out today!!

Mary said...

PS - LOVE the album!!

~**Dawn**~ said...

Your album is adorable. I love the "this boy" page. Totally made me smile. =)

Hmmm... free ideas. Library nearby? Do they do story time? Maybe E would like to sit on your lap & listen?

Heather said...

so i am just catching up now...forgive me...
i feel your pain. there is NOTHING free/cheap to do in our state here in CT. after reading your blog i just think how neat it would be to live in NYC just to walk around like you said.
good for you in regards to scrapbooking...i am so far behind that my daughter who is 4 has nothing past her first year! and the 10 month old has nada done!