Friday, June 20, 2008

~nothing really~

~i've got nothing much to report on, hence I haven't been bloggin' much...oh and not to mention that my readership has plummeted to maybe 2 people...on a busy what's the point?!?!

~so for anyone who may be unbelievably bored and stopped by this near-abandoned blog....well, it's finally Friday, although for the last 4 wks that hasn't meant much to me. All the days are the same. LOL!

~the letter FINALLY went out to the company for the's underway.

~my [not-so-lovely] former mgr @ SBUX never responded to me about coming back to work a few hrs there...I was/am annoyed as I find it VERY unprofessional...I am on good-standing there so I was wondering what the deal was...I found out...her girlfriend dumped her and apparently she's uber-depressed about it and apparently cannot manage her work & personal life right now. I have since decided I'm probably better off not working there anyway.

~on a little bit brighter note...I noticed a new coffee shop going in down the street. It's called Bear Creek Coffee...they are all over the midwest from what I saw on their website. I may look into applying there eventually...I have a 'thing' for coffee shops and yet, I don't drink coffee. Strange, I know. :-)

~no plans for the weekend.


Chele76 said...

good luck with the lawsuit - I hope it goes smoothly and helps put your mind at ease a bit.

I've never heard of that coffee shop but it sounds nice!

...I think I need to hunt me down a light frappuchino ;-)

Heather said...

keep posting...i enjoy reading. when i find nothing to post about i post about my kids. your sweet baby has got to be doing something post worthy!

Anonymous said...

You DID say you were going on a hiatus, and then just started posting again. So maybe your readers are on hiatus too! And my lawsuit settled, so I'm sending good lawsuit vibes your way.

Stacy said...

LOL~ love the part about coffee shops but not drining coffee- I can totally relate

Good luck with the lawsuit!

BTW, E. is getting cuter by the minute! Love all the photos you post :)

~**Dawn**~ said...

Hey look! There are *five* of us that read! (And I am pretty sure Nichole does too but she's away in Chicago right now with no computer access.) I know I am a bit late to the party but in my defense, I use my Google Reader a *lot* and I can't subscribe to yours there. (I understand why though.) So anyway my lame excuse is that I have you bookmarked at work but not at home (not sure why!) so I never visit on the weekend.

Anyway. I hope you have good luck with the lawsuit & I agree, you do not need the drama that is obviously happening at SBUX. Maybe that new place will be a good place to try out!

Mary said...

And #6 here checking in and dying for an update of some sort!! You still out there?