Sunday, June 01, 2008

~a bunch of nothing really~

~It's been a pretty uneventful weekend overall...this morning we ran up to the mall as O "needed" to get a couple things, I didn't get anything. I was also just @ the mall on Friday with my mom - where again I left empty-handed. Note to self: going to mall twice within 3 days to 'window-shop' is not much fun.

~Been having serious thoughts about heading back to SBUX at least on a temporary basis...I suppose a little money coming in would be better than nothing. I would work maybe 2-3 nights/wk and as many hours on Sunday as possible since that's the only day that O is home all day. It would stink losing out on time with E, but since I'm home all week with him, I guess that's just how it'll have to be....for now. Another bonus of course would be if I worked 20+ hrs, I would get the health benefits again and someone told me that they start right away for re-hires...have to verify that. If it's true, it would be awesome and it would save $253/month. Once I find a 'real' job, then I would likely just continue at SBUX on Sundays...otherwise I don't think they'll take me back...if they think I would just jump ship when I get another job.

~Here is the blog of the gal who took the Baptism pics for us last Sunday. She put up 2 pics as a 'sneak peek' (ha, I just typed 'sneak pee' LOL)....anyway, I cannot wait o see all of them, I guess she has been editing them in Photoshop all week. Hopefully I'll see them this week. She also did a private photoshoot @ the house 2 wks ago and I have yet to see those too - cannot.wait!

~I applied for a few jobs I found on-line last night. Here's hoping I at least get a phone call. Gee whiz. I've never felt more unsuccessful and like such a seems like I'm surrounded by people who've had extensive job stability for years on end and while I had a steady job 'til November of last was a measly 'contract' job. Why is it so freakin' difficult to get a regular 'ol job as a regular 'ol employee with regular 'ol benefits, vacation time, sick time etc....heck am I asking too much? I really don't think so. In past employment, I've received positive reviews, been told I'm efficient, responsive to my customers/hiring managers and even received a few monetary rewards...but apparently I'm not good enough to be hired on as an employee anywhere. I hate this!!! I guess I should have majored in something else...shoulda, woulda, coulda...seems to be my mantra these days. Hindsight is 20/20.

~In other news, I'm trying to get caught up on my Paper Adventure of the few scrappin' projects I'm working on. I'm about 4 weeks behind right now.

~I'm getting back to reading - finally - almost done with 'Something Blue' by Emily Giffin. Next up 'Baby Proof" - also by Emily Giffin. That will be followed by 'Love the One You're With' - the last one in her series.

~Tomorrow's scheduled excitement so far: a trip to the PO and the Recycling Center...that's about it.


Chele76 said...

Do you have any interest in getting into the exciting world of insurance?

krystyn said...

Chele-if it meant no sales and a full time position with benefits that wouldn't require relocation right now, then yes, I would be interested.

Chele76 said...

hmmm... no sales might be a sticking point. I'll poke around and see what is out there.

~**Dawn**~ said...

I haven't had a chance to check out the baptism photos, I've been so freaking busy lately. I am hoping to get over to check them out today, but I already know he looks adorable in them. How could he not? =)