Thursday, February 27, 2014

random babble

It's almost Friday. Thank goodness for that. 

I received some girl scout cookies yesterday. Somehow an entire box of Samoas is already gone. Oops!

I'm going out of town for work Sunday through Wednesday evening. Hoping it will be fun though I'm not looking forward to being away from Ethan. Nor is he happy to not be sleeping at home, even though he is going to grandma's house.

Even worse, I'm going to a location that holds absolutely NO excitement or fun things to do. Seriously. 

I'm getting bored with physical therapy appointments for my knee. Haven't been since last week but planning to go tomorrow. It's becoming a nuisance because it's simply ANOTHER "thing" to do after work and lately it seems I have "something" to do EVERY.SINGLE.DAY after school and I'm totally over it!! It would be so nice to go straight home after school/work.

Also totally frustrated with how weak my knee still feels. Steps are slow and uncomfortable but walking is fine. Was totally bummed about not being at the WDW Princess 1/2 this past Sunday. Clearly since I can barely walk & do steps, I certainly can't run 13.1 miles but it's so fun to be there, it was hard to see the FB posts. Hoping to be there in 2015. 

It's time to start the countdown to Spring Break. This always seems to be the longest time of the school year for whatever reason. Thankfully only 18 days to go!!

We are sticking close to home for Spring Break due to big summer travel plans...big in cost, not necessarily big in like spectacular, though it will certainly be fun. 9 days in Florida. 5 parks. 1 aquarium. lots of fun. cannot wait. Oh yeah...and then there's a quick trip up to Michigan too which will end with a stop at Cedar Point!! Hooray!! Haven't been there in more than 15 years. Hard to imagine, considering I would visit the park EVERY summer while growing up in Michigan. Can't wait to take Ethan!!

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Thursday 13

Thursday 13 - Movie Edition

My 13 Favorite Movies

1) What a Girl Wants

2) Love Actually

3) Hook

4) Harry Potter - any & all of them!!

5) Beauty & the Beast - Disney cartoon version of course.

6) Sweet Home Alabama

7) The Holiday

8) 13 Going on 30

9) The Family Stone

10) Notting Hill

11) Bull Durham

12) Under the Tuscan Sun

13) Pretty Woman

Wednesday, February 05, 2014


Trying: to walk without crutches or a brace today!! Woohoo!!

Moving: slowly.

Drinking: diet dr pepper and planning another hiatus (permanent?) from Starbucks Iced know, since they can't seem to ever make it correctly.

Eating: same boring stuff...I need a makeover in the food department. :)

Loving: the upcoming weekend plans to celebrate Ethan's 6th birthday!

Watching: absolutely nothing...haven't even watched Downton from this past Sunday yet.

Reading: "Bull's Island" by Dorothea Benton Frank and LOVING IT!!!

Listening: Disney music. Constantly.

Thinking: that my knee will be the size of a basketball by the end of the day today.

Needing: another diet dr pepper.

Wanting: Ethan to have the greatest birthday possible!

Hoping: to try out my new gym for some swimming this week. I've missed my workouts.

Planning: to have a great weekend!

Crafting: Project Life & trying to finish 4 mini-albums all partially done.

Remembering: that 6 years ago today was my due date for Ethan's arrival.