Thursday, March 08, 2012

Disney Overload Ticker

All things Disney lately...that is my brain. As much fun as it is, I'd like to STOP thinking about it for a know especially since the trip is still almost 3 months away.

This trip will be at a much slower pace than the last trip (no 1/2 marathon) and a few more days to spend there. Woohoo!! E and I are going down w/my dad and staying at the timeshare, which is always an awesome place to be. They're are 5 pools and a lazy river - new since we were there 2 years ago...E & I are going to have a blast in the lazy river!! Can't wait!! 

I'm contemplating making a trip over to the new Legoland as well...but am on the fence's about a 45 minute drive from where we'll be. I did find a way to get a free child's ticket, so that's a bonus...decisions, decisions.

As far as Disney parks, not sure what we'll do there yet...probably only one day since we were just there. I do have some old Universal tickets that I am really hoping are still valid -they were complimentary - and so if they are, we'll definitely head over there for a day as well.

I'm so vacation-minded these's making work a big drag...not to mention that work has been full of drama lately and I'm really over that. I strongly prefer a drama-free life and sadly, at work that has not been happening. Ugh.


Travel & Dive Girl said...

"I'm so vacation minded these days..."

Oh boy, that's my life!

Super jealous of you & E spending so much time at Disney. My son is soon to be 20 and we've never taken him. Now he has been on numerous Caribbean vacations, so I'm not totally a lame mom, but still..

*krystyn* said...

it's so easy to be vacation minded these days...i'd so much rather be at WDW than at school working...ugh - too much middle school drama!!

~**Dawn**~ said...

See, here is where I am not normal. You say "probably just one day, since we were just there." I probably shouldn't divulge how many times I used my Annual Pass last year, because "just there" never applies to me! LOL