Sunday, June 05, 2011

30 day photo challenge

So far I'm 5/5 on the 30 day photo challenge ....truly a miracle. Check back on June 15 though...I'm bound to fall apart on this challenge at some point, at least that's what usually happens.

So here you first 5 pics:

June 1 - Self Portrait

June 2 - Favorite Shoes...yeah, they may not be "pretty" but they are still my favorites!!

June 3 - Hands (cutest little hands I've ever seen!)

June 4 - Clouds

June 5- Today's Breakfast


Anonymous said...

Judging by those dark sweat stains on the shoes, I'm guessing you wear them a lot? =)

K13 said...

Amy...always SO eloquent...I did wear them a lot last summer, and they look darker in the pic than they actually are.