Thursday, June 02, 2011

Call out for music

I need a list of "appropriate" songs that middle schoolers are into right now.

I want to make a playlist to play at Scrapbook Camp next week!!

And ideally I will also be able to tolerate the songs they like.

Yep, I'm old!!


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em said...

oh man. this is tough. i would say some Taylor Swift. ;) i had a really hard time when i did "music sharing" with middle school kids because there was always some kind of inappropriate word just tossed in an otherwise harmless song. so annoying

Virginia said...

I know that at Emerson's school fundraiser, they did a "Boosterthon" run... and had music playing during it. It was a mix of upbeat music; Justin Beiber, Mily Cyrus, etc. Maybe you could find a list from a school for stuff like that?

K13 said...

Em - it IS tough for sure...primarily because I don't really OWN any songs that they would probably like, except for Adele, which when I was "caught" listening to her by a couple of 6th grade girls...I was immediately "cool"...

Virginia-Thank you...I'm close to ditching the music idea because I don't want to have to buy a bunch of music I will NEVER listen to!!


em said...

What about a kid friendly pandora?? Or making a mix on I forgot about the Beiber... ;)

K13 said...

Em! Pandora is a GREAT idea!!! Thanks!!