Thursday, July 26, 2007


I've been reading lots of blogs....of people who either live in NYC or are going there, or have recently been there...and as a result...I'm itching to go there (again)....wah!!

Apparently the travel bug has bit me...I was recently investigating options for a pre-Christmas cruise...not sure that would be practical considering some other "things" going on right now (that I cannot elaborate on at this point in time). Sorry!

I'm looking forward to having an entire day off on Saturday - not working EITHER job - oh well, I do have to go feed a cat in the morning, but I think I can handle that. :-) Mom and I are going on a "shopping excursion"...I am in need of a sofa, preferably a red one, so that is priority #1. I have 2 watches w/dead batteries, so we'll head to the mall where I'll get them replaced. I also "need" to stop in Pottery Barn and mom wants to look in a couple stores too. We'll also include lunch somewhere in our adventures. Should be a fun day. O and I will probably catch a movie later that night.

I'm tired of my house being blah - there's next to nothing on the walls and that must change. I also want to change the layout of my LR. The new layout I have in mind will certainly give a more cozy feel to the room. Right now we face away from the fireplace to the TV -that needs to change. The sofa will play an important role in this transformation. Since my entertainment center weighs 3 tons (so it seems), we have help coming over on Sunday with a handtruck - hopefully that will work. I won't even begin to mention my office -it's in a state of disarray at this time.


Mary said...

"things"...hmmmm, now inquiring minds want to know! hope you have a ton of fun on Saturday!

~**Dawn**~ said...

Red! Love red! Red is so warm & happy.