Tuesday, July 31, 2007

~price hike~

I meant to post this a couple days ago, but it slipped my mind.

Beware all you coffee drinkers, well, Starbucks coffee drinkers - prices are going up TODAY!! An average of .09 per drink. Plain 'ol coffee prices aren't going up but any of those fancy-schmancy drinks will cost you even more of your hard earned cash.

I believe they are blaming most of the price hike on the ever increasing price of milk and then probably a bunch of other things too but I have no idea what they are (nor do I care)--> Yep, there's my little bit of negativity for the day. Oh wait...here's more...I'm "over" the whole SBUX thing and plan to jump ship in the VERY near future. I just need to get a few ducks in a row.

Boy, I cannot wait to work tonight and listen to how "happy" everyone is about paying more for their triple, venti, soy, white mocha with whipped cream!! Oh joy! Yep, like I said - I'm OVER it!


Anonymous said...

See, I didn't buy anything at Starbucks last week in NYC because it's so ridiculous. And, they were rude. I went to buy a frappucino at the airport at the way back. I ordered and the lady said, "We're out of frappucino's ma'am," in a tone that implied that I should have KNOWN that they were out of frappucinos, what the invisible sign they had posted. At least Burger King was smart enough to put up a sign that said "cash only, no credit cards" when they're register went down.

krystyn said...

That stinks about the rude people. Thankfully though, the people working @ airport SBUX aren't real SBUX employees and unfortunately often don't get the same training or work environment. Regardless, I'm still fed up with the whole place and as soon as I get health bennies elsewhere -I'm outta there!!!

Mary said...

sorry to hear things at SB have gone south - good luck on finding something new soon!!!