Monday, August 03, 2015

Week 5 Day 2

The day after I registered for WDW Princess 1/2, I switched over to the Galloway 10k app to work on my training. I was already into Week 4 or 5 on the C25K plan, so it's been a fairly easy transition so far, as I started from Week 1, Day 1. There were a couple of days where I did 2 of the short runs back-to-back in the same workout/same day.

Today I finished Day 14 or also called Week 5, Day 2. This workout was 36:18 in total time with a 3 minute walk before and after and a 30 minute run in the middle.

I am currently doing 4/1 intervals. I initially started at 3/1 with the app but moved up to 4/1 after just a few days as 3/1 felt too easy and I'm really hoping to shave quite a bit of time off my time for this next 1/2. I really wish there was a 5 or 6 minute run with 1 minute walk option, but those both only offer a 30 second walk/recovery time and when I recently tried the 4/:30, my body really needed the full minute. Hopefully over time I will get there and be able to do a longer run w/a shorter walk interval.

My next run is a long run, which right now looks like I'll do on Wednesday evening. As for tomorrow, it's Spin Class at 9:30am. I returned to Spin Class last Tuesday since having knee surgery and loved it so I'm looking forward to it again.

Happy Monday!  And Happy Training to all my fellow Princesses out there!!

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