Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Week in the Life - Day 1 - Monday

Ali Edwards "Week in the Life" project began yesterday, Monday, August 17 and runs through Sunday, August 23. 
This is my 5th year participating in this project and I always love the "mini" album I put together documenting just a "regular" week in our lives.
I should have left myself a note in the morning as a reminder, because I did not take a single picture until almost 10 in the morning on Monday. Oops!

Here are a few of my Monday pictures:
Arriving at the Circle G Ranch - a drive through safari/zoo. I took Ethan and 2 of his good buddies here.
It was quite the adventure. It was also a bit of a challenge to drive AND take pictures.

A very hungry zebra!
He wasn't aggressive, just wanted some food.
The boys got a kick out of this.

The one where I'm waiting at the camera store to find out why my camera is not working.
Diagnosis: dead 18-55 lens. Won't focus. Thankfully I can use the manual focus and the camera itself is fine.

I'm a bit "obsessed" with nutrition bars right now.
I've enjoyed the Pure Protein for a while. No complaints.
Read about SkinnyGirl recently, so I bought 2 to try...1st one I ate was gross.
I received A LOT of recommendations for Quest bars...went to The Vitamin Shop to buy a couple...
they are aaaaaamazing. Delicious & no gross chalky flavor or texture.

Lacing up to head to the YMCA where I spent 1 hour on the elliptical machine.
I love working out on that machine, because I can also read my book.

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