Wednesday, August 12, 2015


1) Those fabulous looking running shoes I mentioned in my last post. Yeah, I don't own them anymore. After they gave me heel blisters while WALKING, I decided I don't need them and went back to my old faithful running shoes with inserts. All is well again in my running world.

2) I'm a bit out of control with running (and signing up for) races. I have a 5k this Sunday. I have another 5k race in September - benefits the Humane Society (yay!) October is the big one...a 15k...and this one is to get my "proof of time" for the Disney Princess 1/2 so that I don't get placed in the last corral. I am contemplating the Nashville 5k in November (would love that!) and then I need a December and January. I also signed up for a local 5k that isn't until April, but the price is going up tonight. The best part, 5k finishers get a medal! Hooray!! #runforthebling

3) Excited to try out my Garmin 220 tonight while E is at his bible study. It was a bit of an early birthday present and I'm super excited to run outside and see how it works! I already ran this morning on the treadmill, so tonight will be a short run, maybe 1.5 miles or so. 

4) 26 more days of summer for us.

5) I think Ethan and I will head to the Circle G Ranch/Zoo next week. It looks amazingly fun and it's really affordable - two things we really need in this extended summer. :) Feeding zebras from our car should be totally rad.

6) I had a super productive day today...not sure where the energy came from but glad it did...laundry, swept, vacuumed & shampooed carpet. I love it when the house feels so clean!!

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