Monday, August 17, 2015

And she ran...

Clearly, this is my PRE-race picture...I look happy & energized!
I ran a 5k yesterday morning.

For whatever reason, I was feeling a bit anxious about it before hand...just wanted to "get it over with"...

I arrived about 45 minutes pre-race time. Got my awesome t-shirt (which will become part of my running shirt quilt someday) and then hung around and did some stretching.

The race started at 9:33am.

I was feeling pretty good, despite the nerves, but the 4:1 intervals were not as easy for me as they have been on the treadmill.

He came to cheer me on!
The part that really irks me though, is that I did a 5k on June 28 at Castaway Cay, felt great, ran until I felt like I absolutely had to walk which turned out to be at the 2 mile mark or so. I couldn't believe how "easy" it felt to me. Of course, this race wasn't timed, nor did I have my Garmin at that time, but I felt good.

Going into yesterday's race, along with the nerves, I felt positive and that with all the hard work I had put in over the summer, that this 5k should be cake, or at least as easy as the prior one. Both were fairly flat courses.
The race just started...feeling good!!
I did start out a bit aggressive completing my 1st mile in 10:49 which made me quite happy. That's my best every mile time. Unfortunately though, that seemed to hurt me for the remainder of the race as I ended up with a 12:08 average mile time and a total of 38:01. My goal was to finish under 37 minutes. Missed it. :(  I feel like I pushed myself, but then I guess not quite enough. I was kinda bummed afterwards, but then Oscar reminded me that at least I got out there and ran the opposed to sitting on the couch. And honestly, I always feel so good throughout the day after I work out in the morning. I will really miss my morning workouts when I return to work next week. And, no, a 5am workout isn't an option for me. Ack!
And here I am...barely alive as I cross the finish line. I was feeling rough by this point. :(

I do like this image however...10:49 mile. Yay!

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Travel & Dive Girl said...

Congratulations! That's awesome! I agree with your hubby - at least you got off the couch and did it. Yay You!