Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Currently: Running Edition

Watching: a couple videos on the Garmin 220 as I continue my research on running watches. Looking at some Timex IRONMAN watches too....they are a lot more teacher-salary-friendly. :)

EatingYoplait 100 Greek - Black Cherry, every morning and sometimes another at night. I love their higher level of protein and they are delicious. And quite popular I often have a hard time finding them at the grocery store, yet all the other flavors are fully stocked.

Drinking: a lot of water...always trying for 64oz...usually get it around 50oz, so I have lots of room for improvement here.

Readinga lot of blogs and FB group posts for RunDisney and the Princess Weekend specifically.

Thinking: it's going to be a great running weekend when it gets here. I'm so excited and just hope my training goes as well as I imagine it. I've definitely got a better training plan this time than I had for the two previous Princess races I did. 

Trying: to eat well and work out hard. Even on my rest day I strive for my 10k steps via walking.

Going: to the YMCA 3-4 days a week to run, spin & do yoga. 

Discovering: lots of new running "equipment" I need...in 2010 I carried IN MY HAND for 13.1 miles my little point & shoot camera....it wasn't awful, but I don't want to do that again, so I think I'll invest in a FlipBelt (that everyone is raving about) and keep it in there. Yay!! This gal did a neat review on Flipbelt. 

Starting: to lose weight!! Hooray! It's about time. I'm back down below the ever-haunting number...that was the highlight of my Monday!

Feeling: like my arms are getting in slightly better shape. I have made a spreadsheet (nerd alert!) of all the exercises (mostly arms) I want to do each day and I write down the # of reps I do each day. If I don't fill in every square every day, that's ok because there will be days we are not home which will make that difficult, so on days I'm home and have lots of time, I'm making sure to do everything I can. I can't wait to see the numbers increase as I fill in the spreadsheet. 

Needing: to work on and improve my plank time. I've NEVER incorporated planks into my workout, but recently saw a 30 day challenge on FB and thought... "why not?"  I'm not really doing the challenge though, but I do plan to do a plank every day and see how long I can hold it for. First time ever: 25 seconds. Lots of room for improvement. :)

Wanting: to take 10 minutes off my finish time for the 1/2. Despite the crowds, I think this is a realistic goal as I have a different training plan and will be doing regular intervals for the entire race. I hope the recovery time is enough when I get to mile 8-9 as that has been my "wall" before. 

Crafting:  maybe the tutu I will wear for the race, though there is a really nice once on Etsy that I could just buy. It's $30 so I'm not sure which way I'll go yet. 

Enjoying: the FB groups I'm in for the race weekend. Great information!!

Loving: the excitement over planning this trip. I cannot wait. 

Hoping: I don't have any problems with getting the time off of work for the race, but I did go in 2012 and took my 2 personal days and 1 unpaid day. It will be the same this year. It's called work-life balance. 

Listening (to): a lot of fast tempo songs on my running playlist. 

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Travel & Dive Girl said...

Sounds like you will be prepared both mentally and physically for the race. Keep up the good work of drinking lots of water and losing weight. I'm struggling a bit in that area - my problem is no self control. *sigh*