Sunday, September 11, 2011

september 11

Ten years ago today I was living in Nogales, Arizona (AKA 'no mans land'). I was working for Motorola and getting ready for work when my phone rang. It was my supervisor telling me NOT to go to work. Our office was actually located in Nogales, MEXICO and I had been crossing the border everyday to get to/from work. 

The time difference between AZ and NY had a significant impact on this day. If I had already crossed the border en route to work, I would have been stuck there for a few days, as the borders were shut down. Instead, I camped out on my futon (AKA my couch) and was glued to the TV watching in shock and horror.

As many have already said, it is a day we will never forget.

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lindsay said...

yikes - glad your boss called you in time.