Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Project Life - Weeks 31-32

OK - trying to get back on track with some semi-regular blog posting and more specifically, sharing my PL pages...I was on such a good roll there for a while, but life happened. So here are weeks 31-32...ushering in (not so happily) the new school year.

Ethan and I did a "just for fun" balloon release our last week of summer...
maybe that was our "goodbye" to summer ritual.
E had some good fun with O and the lawn cutting chores,
specifically using the blower.
We did a Home Depot Kids Workshop
and shopped at PetSmart for the cats & picked up a treat for our neighbor's dog.

Ahhh..the week I turned 100K miles on my car.
This was somewhat traumatic for me, 

primarily because I've never owned a car that long before
and I interpret it as just another way that I am NOT successful right now in life. *sigh*
One of our highlights this week...attending the grand opening of a Publix...
only 15 minutes from our house. Hooray!!

Week 32 - back to school/work. Ugh.
Ethan also had his dental check on the very first day of school...
he did fabulous and no issues...thank goodness.
We took in the Ice Age movie on the Monday before heading back to school.
I'm really enjoying including my Nike screen shots with total mileage ran...
of course this is mileage over 2-3 years. I run a little...definitely NOT a hardcore runner. 

Awesome dental checkup report card!

Remember when I said turning 100K miles was traumatic...
yeah, a week later we dumped $1100 into the darn car.
Oh yeah...the first day back to school also happened to be Ethan's 4 1/2 birthday,
so we had to have cake to celebrate & take the edge off the pain of our summer ending.
Publix cakes - delicious!! Try one!

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~**Dawn**~ said...

The cakes from the Publix bakery are to *die* for. If they had Publix in Virginia, that's where the cake for the wedding would have come from, no question about it.