Monday, February 09, 2009

~yummy new blog!~

~Yay for my new blog layout, just like McDonald's, I am lovin' it. I may change the pic @ top but I'll have to find one will likely still be NY.

~Thank you to Dawn, for her very much appreciated assistance with some final blog details.

~I also came up with a new blog name...there are many meanings behind it. It doesn't necessarily represent that I'll someday get to NY, but represents also reaching goals I have set for myself...Masters Degree, Happiness, Travel, Job, etc. I like it. Hopefully it helps me to be patient with this process.

~I am loving having 3 columns...can do so much more with the blog. More fun!! This blog makeover has also increased my desire to blog, so hopefully I can come up with some creative stuff to write about.

~Looks like I'll be single-momming it Wed -Fri (maybe 'til Saturday) this week as O will be going out of town for work. Things have been smooth the last few days, but it's probably just another calm before the storm...unfortunately.

~Actually, this calm may last a tad bit longer as he is getting his tax refund on Friday and frankly, he's a happier person when he has more money. He is looking forward to paying off a bill that has been a thorn in his side. I am happy that it will free up about $250 every month. Yay since we are basically turning around and paying out $320/month to the ultimately we aren't getting ahead...but no surprise there.

~I get my tax refund on 2.20 so I'll be excited about that. I'll be paying off my car and am soooooooo excited about that. If all this job junk hadn't gone down, I would have had it paid off last July! Argh!!

~Still no news back from the lawyer. I called last week. It had been 10 days since he told me MP wanted to settle. His secretary said "Mr. Butthead Lawyer said he's working on it and he'll call you when he has some information" seemed like a fairly rude reply to me. I guess I won't call anymore...and I hadn't called them for quite a while prior so they should just get their underwear out of bunches.

~Ok, well, I'm off to bed. I have a test in my Death & Dying class tomorrow night. Wish me luck!


Mary said...

your new blog makes me want to fancify mine, but I have no skills at all. I think it looks great and am excited you'll be blogging more. and yay on paying off bills and YOUR CAR! whoo hoo!!

Chele76 said...

I'm loving the skin :)

(((random hug!!!)))

krystyn said...

Mary, it wasn't too hard actually. At first it can be a bit overwhelming but then I figured it out. Dawn helped me with the navigation bar @ the top of my blog, for some reason it wasn't there.

Chele-Thanks for the hug. Here's one for you... (((HUG))) So glad you had such a great time in VT!!

~**Dawn**~ said...

You are so welcome. I'm glad we got you all hooked up! =)