Thursday, February 12, 2009


~Thursday, one of my two favorite days of the 'work week'...why, because I don't work and get to be @ home with E.

~Not a great day for E though...we had his 1 year check today and that came with three not-so-lovely vaccines. He cried worse this time then @ his 6-month visit. Poor baby.

~Before E's doc visit, we ventured to Kohl's for a return and to AC Moore to get glass in a picture frame that recently broke. I discovered that although AC Moore has a frame shop, they don't cut glass there and it would take 3 wks to receive it via order. Oh and it is not a very big frame and the glass would have cost $20! WTH? Guess who's going to Michael's tomorrow? They DO cut glass there.

~Other than that, it's been a pretty good day. I should probably get started on my Substance Abuse paper tomorrow...I decided on the topic of "Alcohol & Cravings" instead of the Cocaine Snorting Moms...for many here we go.

~Oh and I really wish this annoying cough would go away. It's been 1 week now. No cold symptoms though.


Anonymous said...

I'll trade you the cough for a stuffed nose that won't give forth anything, no matter how hard I blow.

em said...

I think you should do a paper on soccer moms who use meth or other upper drugs to stay "on top of it all". I saw a lady at the grocery store yesterday and I'd be willing to bet that she was on something...just crazy!

remember moments said...

Amy- no thanks on the trade. I recall the stuffed up nose being a complete pain. Sorry!

Em-OOOHHH!! That would be an AWESOME topic...maybe next time around. I've already pulled a bunch of articles for this topic.