Monday, February 23, 2009

~getting comfortable~

~I'm finally feeling really comfortable in my 'job'... I feel funny even calling it a job as it's the absolutely least stressful 'job' I've ever had. I guess though that it technically IS a job since I am getting paid. I (obviously) have ample internet time, which I have been enjoying of course. The economy has its ripple effects and they are felt here as well, we have less student appointments and so I have a couple projects that I'll be starting on. I really enjoy only working 20 hours a week too - how nice. That won't be a luxury I enjoy permanently.

~Anyway, I was pretty nervous when I had my first few student appointments. I didn't think I'd be helpful to them or maybe not have the answers they need or just plain sound stupid etc. Last week I did 2-3 mock interviews and provided critiques on them, a few resume critiques as well and my most 'difficult' appointment so far was last Wednesday...but I made it through. It was only difficult because the student was limiting his options. I'm feeling a lot better about the appointments now. The nerves are at bay. Yay!

~I have 3 mock interviews this week and so far two other student appointments. The student appointments are typically resume critiques and/or job search help.

~Off to class now.

~Oh yeah...and I've started (AGAIN) my diet attempts to lose the baby weight. I miss my pre-baby clothes and that is a big motivator. I also downloaded a great little application for my iTouch to track WW points & Activity. Wish me luck though - I desperately need it.

~And the plan is for Wednesday to be 'family night' @ the gym. All 3 of us are going this week. O is determined to start running in prep for Boot Camp. I need to run to prep for fitting into my clothes. Here's hoping that Ethan has a fantastic time @ the gym childcare. I'm going to have O drop him off there so hopefully he won't have a major separation anxiety attack.

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